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Dave Sinclair

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Dave Sinclair - Blue Bread Song (CD)

A 2 track CD single from 2012, Blue Bread Song has previously only been available in Japan.

We have a very limited number of copies.

Out of stock.

Dave Sinclair - Makino (cd)

A 3 track CD single from 2011, Makino has previously only been available in Japan.

Catalogue number: DSINCS004.

We have a very limited number of copies.

Out of stock.

Dave Sinclair - Pianoworks 1 - Frozen In Time (signed) (cd)

Reflective and Classically inspired 'songs without words' for the 21st Century.

Dave Sinclair on piano and keyboards, Jimmy Hastings on additional flute.

Japanese vinyl replica format. All copies are signed by Dave Sinclair.

Dave Sinclair - Stream (cd)

Dave Sinclair's Stream album was released in 2011. It is now available for the first time outside Japan.

Dave's unmistakable playing and unique writing is readily apparent and he's joined by a stunning guest list, including including Robert Wyatt, Dave Stewart, Barbara Gaskin, Andy Latimer, Annie Haslam, the Derby Cathedral choir, and the legendary Caravan flautist/saxophonist Jimmy Hastings (amongst others).

Japanese vinyl replica format.

Please note that these are NOT signed by Dave

Dave Sinclair - Treasure Chest (Limited Edition cdr)

Treasure Chest is a limited edition album of archive home recordings from Dave Sinclair (ex-Caravan).

The previously unreleased material is presented in a plastic wallet and booklet, and packaged in a unique paper bag.

Each bag is sealed with a peel off sticker and includes a handwritten note on the cover by Dave, with each cover featuring a different message.


This was limited to 200 copies worldwide (N.B. we originally had #101 to #199).

These are the final copies that Dave kept back. Limited to one per customer.

Out of stock.

Dave Sinclair - The Little Things (English version) (CD)

The special English version of Dave Sinclair's 2013 studio album.

Includes a homage to his hometown - 'Canterbury' (The City Calls) - and, the bonus track 'Island'. (a completely new recording of the track on the 'Stream' album, sung in Japanese and recorded after the March 11th 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan).

dave sinclair - full circle (cd)

Legendary ex-Caravan keyboard player, Dave Sinclair offers his two latest solo albums for exclusive release through www.canterburyscene.co.uk, Burning Shed's new online shop dedicated to artists from the Canterbury Scene.

During the sessions for 'Full Circle' (featuring Richard Sinclair, Jim Leverton, Doug Boyle and Theo Travis amongst others), so much material was recorded that a decision was made to issue a further album, 'Into the Sun'.



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