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Stewart / Gaskin

Keyboardist Dave Stewart and vocalist Barbara Gaskin started their careers in Canterbury-related English bands of the late '60s before joining forces in 1981. Their first single 'It's My Party' was a number one hit worldwide, launching them on a sophisticated pop-based trajectory which has lasted to the present day. All of Dave & Barbara's recent and reissued CDs can be ordered here. You can also legally download their first two albums in song or album format - please note that these downloads are not the remastered versions which appear on the recent Special Edition CDs.

This store is operated by Burning Shed, a UK online label and store operated by artists for artists. Revenue from these sales goes directly to the musicians with no record company involvement. Home page - www.davebarb.com

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Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin
Broken Records - The Singles (mp3 download)

First released in 1987 by MIDI Inc., Japan

Single tracks:

Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin
As Far As Dreams Can Go (mp3 download)

First released in 1988 by MIDI Inc., Japan

Single tracks:



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