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An electronica project formed in 1998 and originally comprising Tim Bowness, Mike Bearpark and Os, Darkroom's music is a heady combination of manipulated textures, abstract rhythms and unfettered imagination.

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darkroom - fallout 3 (cdr)

Fallout 3 is a celebration of the art of post-production, subjecting
unreleased Darkroom live material to the possibilities of the studio while retaining the music's improvisational spirit. Amorphous, eerie and winningly ethereal, Fallout 3 is perhaps the most audacious and intriguing of the band's releases so far. Featuring the full trio of Michael Bearpark, Tim
Bowness and Os.


one 7:28
two 2:18
three 9:58
four 5:56
five 7:03
six 6:33
seven 9:14
eight 8:47
nine 5:10
ten 11:33


music by michael bearpark, tim bowness, andrew ostler

produced by os

contains live recordings as follows:

23.09.1999 cb2, cambridge
11.11.1999 cb2, cambridge
08.04.2000 the cambridge darkroom gallery, cambridge
29.04.2000 the portland arms, cambridge
04.06.2000 the scala, london
24.06.2000 the moon, cambridge
30.06.2000 the cambridge drama centre, cambridge

made in the eec. all rights reserved.

photography by carl glover
design by aleph

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