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Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley P.T.A. (Double CD)

Very few artists achieve a multi-million-selling, No.1 record with their first release, but that's effectively what happened to Jeannie C. Riley. The original bouffant-haired, mini-skirted, knee-length-booted, sassy Country siren, she subsequently lived out the role of the Widow Johnson as depicted in her worldwide smash hit record, Tom T. Hall's controversial 'Harper Valley P.T.A.'. Indeed, Jeannie broke the mould, becoming famous as much for her appearance and sex appeal as for her singing, as she challenged the female Country singers' traditional, ultra-conservative 'wholesome family image' of long gingham dresses and frilly cuffs (ironically, a look which she herself would have preferred). Over the years her records have gradually disappeared and have often been hard to find on CD; this unique compilation redresses the balance.

This 2CD set comprises her first five LPs - Harper Valley P.T.A., Yearbooks And Yesterdays, Things Go Better With Love, Country Girl and The Generation Gap - in their entirety, plus a rare, non-album B-side. Featuring ten U.S. Country chart hits, including the multi-million selling, crossover Pop No.1, 'Harper Valley P.T.A.', this body of work is notoriously difficult to find on CD; many of these sides are making their CD debuts herein.


Disc One
1. Harper Valley P.T.A.
2. Widow Jones
3. No Brass Band
4. Mr. Harper
5. Run Jeannie Run
6. Shed Me No Tears
7. The Cotton Patch
8. Sippin' Shirley Thompson
9. The Little Town Square
10.The Ballad Of Louise
11.Satan Place
12.Yesterday All Day Long Today [B-side of Harper Valley P.T.A.]
13.Yearbooks And Yesterdays
14.What Was Her Name
15.Edna Burgoo
16.My Scrapbook
17.The Part Of Honey
18.Whatever Happened To Charlie Brown
19.The Girl Most Likely
20.Back To School
21.That's How It Is With Him And Me
22.Teardrops On Page Forty-Three
23.Box Of Memories
24.A Taste Of Tears
25.The Rib
26.Sunday After Church
27.The Artist
28.I'm Only A Woman

Disc Two
1. A Real Woman
2. There Never Was A Time
3. Things Go Better With Love
4. I'm The Woman
5. The Wedding Cake
6. Thin Ribbon Of Smoke
7. Our Minnie
8. The Back Side Of Dallas
9. Country Girl
10.A Change Of Heart
11.Am I That Easy To Forget
12.That's A No-No
13.We Were Raised On Love
14.I Almost Called Your Name
15.Darling Days
16.Wish You Were Here
17.Your Old Love Letters
18.I Love Him
19.Wherever You Are
20.The Generation Gap
21.Fine Feathered Friend
22.Words, Names, Faces
23.My Man
24.He Made A Woman Out Of Me
25.Duty, Not Desire
26.Games People Play
27.Darkness Falls
28.Holdin' On
29.Okie From Muskogee
30.To The Other Woman



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