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Canterbury Scene

Canterbury Scene is an offshoot of Burning Shed dedicated to artists related to the influential 'Canterbury' movement of the 1960s/1970s, and music operating on the experimental fringes of Progressive music.

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hatfield and the north - hattitude (cd)

The Hatfield musicians continue their popular archive CD series with Hattitude, a second volume of rare 1970s recordings and an excellent companion to last year's highly acclaimed first volume, Hatwise Choice.

As on Hatwise Choice, the new CD contains a mixture of live and studio tracks (including extracts from the band's radio sessions) and features some hitherto unrecorded compositions.

The CD comes in a full colour Digipak with a 20-page booklet containing archive photos and period artwork.

hatfield and the north - hatwise choice (cd)

The first volume of archive recordings by the legendary UK band Hatfield and the North, featuring the classic line-up of Phil Miller, Pip Pyle, Richard Sinclair and Dave Stewart.

Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink (2cd/1dvd)

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of Caravan's seminal 'Canterbury' offering, In The Land Of Grey And Pink, the album has been reissued as a three-disc, deluxe edition.

Alongside a new remaster of the original mix and several rarities (both audio and visual), the multi-track master tapes have been remixed in stereo and 5.1 surround by Steven Wilson.

The booklet includes many rare period photographs and an informative Mark Powell essay.

Caravan - Blind Dog At St Dunstans (cd)

This re-mastered version of Caravan's eighth studio album from 1976 comes in a limited edition vinyl gatefold replica format, with a booklet featuring sleevenotes by noted author and journalist, Chris Welch.

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Caravan - Cunning Stunts (cd)

This re-mastered version of Caravan's popular seventh album from 1975 comes in a limited edition vinyl gatefold replica format, with a booklet featuring sleevenotes by noted author and journalist, Chris Welch.

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Soft Machine - Softs (cd)

Esoteric's long overdue re-release of the 1976 Soft Machine classic, Softs.

The band's second for the Harvest label, Softs featured a line-up of Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Karl Jenkins (Oboe, Piano, Soprano Sax), John Marshall (Drums), Roy Babbington (Bass) and new member, John Etheridge (Guitar).

An accessible set that provided a more lyrical companion to Bundles, this was the final album to feature founder member Mike Ratledge.

Unavailable on CD for 15 years, this reissue has been re-mastered from the original tapes, features comprehensive Sid Smith sleeve notes and fully restores the original artwork.

Soft Machine - Bundles (cd)

Esoteric Records long overdue, re-mastered, release of Soft Machine's classic 1975 album, Bundles.

An accessible and highly praised collection, the album featured the classic Mike Ratledge, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Roy Babbington quartet augmented by new member, Allan Holdsworth.

Unavailable on CD for nearly 15 years, this reissue has been re-mastered from the original tapes, restores the original artwork and features sleeve notes by Sid Smith (with contributions from John Marshall).

Soft Machine - Third (double vinyl)

Soft Machine's third album from 1970 was a double LP, with each vinyl side featuring a lengthy single composition.

Immediately considered the band's most accomplished achievement, Third explored aspects of the emerging Miles Davis/Bitches Brew influenced Jazz Fusion sound, and marked the most major of Soft Machine's stylistic shifts, completing the band's transition from Psychedelic gurus to giants of Jazz.

A significant milestone of the Canterbury scene, the album contains Robert Wyatt's celebrated long-form song, Moon In June.

* 180 grams audiophile vinyl
* Gatefold Sleeve

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hugh hopper - jazzloops (cdr)

In 2003, ex-Soft Machine 'fuzz-bass' innovator Hugh Hopper gifted Burning Shed one of the albums of his long and distinguished career.

A computer manipulated collage of live and studio performances, 'Jazzloops' possessed the fizz and energy of classic Soft Machine along with an astute awareness the possibilities of contemporary technology that occasionally brought to mind the jazzier extremes of post-Trip-Hoppers DJ Shadow and Koop.

Featuring mangled contributions from Robert Wyatt, Elton Dean and John Marshall (amongst many others).

hugh hopper and matt howarth - the stolen hour (cd)

Gloriously atmospheric and intense, 2004's 'The Stolen Hour' was a superb extension of Hugh Hopper's 'Jazzloops' series of explorations written to accompany the distinctive imagery of comic book artist, Matt Howarth.

Assisted by, amongst others, Robert Wyatt (cornet, voice), John Marshall and Didier Malherbe, Hopper updated the Jazz-tinged Minimalist looping he initially developed in the 1960s, evoking the innovative spirit of early Soft Machine, while simultaneously suggesting new possibilities for his music.

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