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Bruce Kaphan

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bruce kaphan - slider (mp3 download)

Renowned Pedal Steel player Bruce Kaphan's first solo release, Slider, comprises a graceful collection of Ambient instrumentals that provide a perfect showcase for the unique and sensitively dexterous abilities of this in-demand former member/producer of American Music Club.

Bruce's enviable CV also includes work for REM, Red House Painters, David Byrne, Jewel and No-Man.

"Kaphan makes Zen music for dustbowl airports. bewitching instrumentals, sweet dreams of light and flight in which Kaphan's licks ring like prayer bells across an open Texas plain" - Rolling Stone

"this record is amazing" - Peter Buck (R.E.M.)

"Kaphan's original compositions range from Harold Budd-like soundscapes to luxurious cosmic cowboy themes, to a couple of sonically trippy tracks reminiscent of Brian Eno's better works" - Music Connection

File Size: 84.5 MB.


1. clouds (7.25)
2. country and eastern (7.51)
3. high desert (3.42)
4. big brain small brain (3.51)
5. back to the light (5.31)
6. sideways carousel (4.48)
7. outpost (8.20)
8. arc of flight (4.08)
9. homage (pour le grand fromage) (3.11)
10. undeserved ending (4.06)
11. shinn pond (4.24)



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