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Fantoons - Rush Toons - Volume 2112 (book)

Approved by mighty trio themselves and created by uber-fan David Calcano, Rush Toons is a 170 page book packed with comic strips, parodies, art and illustrations based on the illustrious career of the Canadian Rock giants.

Andy Partridge and Todd Bernhardt - Complicated Game - Inside The Songs Of XTC (book)

Developed from a series of interviews, Complicated Game details Andy Partridge songs from throughout XTC's career.

The book includes pages from Partridge's songwriting notebooks, reproductions of his original artwork designs, a guide to Andy Partridge's Swindon and a foreword by Steven Wilson.

James Marsh, Chris Roberts and Toby Benjamin - Spirit Of Talk Talk (book)

Spirit of Talk Talk is a lavishly produced book celebrating the music of Talk Talk, featuring a revealing biography, plus illustrations from long-time collaborator and art designer James Marsh.

'A thing of beauty.' - Mojo

Chip Madinger / Scott Raile - Lennonology Volume One - Strange Days Indeed, A Scrapbook Of Madness (book)

15 years in the making, the first volume of the Lennonology series is a day-by-day account of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's artistic and personal partnership from 1968-1980.

A painstakingly researched collection, Strange Days Indeed has been written in the form of a daily journal, and weaves oral history together with narrative and contemporary graphic material to provide the most accurate and unbiased portrait of the Lennons' lives and art ever produced.

A deluxe 575 page labour of love.

Out of stock.

Judy Dyble & Dave Thompson - An Accidental Musician - The Official Biography Of Judy Dyble (book)

Written with acclaimed US-based journalist Dave Thompson (responsible for books on David Bowie, Sparks and others), An Accidental Musician is the moving story of the extraordinary life and career of Judy Dyble.

These copies are signed by Judy - limited!

Out of stock.

Martin Popoff - Time And A Word - The Yes Story (book)

Time And A Word follows a chronological 'timeline' format marking key events in the history of Yes, from the birth of Jon Anderson to the present day.

Including interviews with Anderson, Bruford, Howe, Wakeman and the late Chris Squire (in one of the last interviews he gave), as well as other players in the epic Yes drama.

Ian Shirley - Never Known Questions - Five Decades Of The Residents (book)

Ian Shirley's Never Known Questions delves deep into The Residents' extraordinary history, charting the band's rise from cottage industry oddballs to art pop figureheads, and exploring forty plus years of bizarre musical adventures and the lore and legend surrounding the group.

Packed with interviews and imagery, Never Known Questions tells a truly strange tale.

Wilson Hoile Glover - Index (Green Book) (book)

Index is a deluxe hardback book illustrating the visual language of Steven Wilson, as executed by his long-term collaborators, Lasse Hoile and Carl Glover.

The book covers the period from Porcupine Tree's 2002 album In Absentia up to Steven's fourth solo album Hand. Cannot. Erase from early 2015.

Mick Houghton - I've Always Kept a Unicorn - The Biography Of Sandy Denny (book)

The definitive biography of Sandy Denny, one of the most influential folk-rock artists of all time. Foreword by Richard Thompson.

Please note that these copies are NOT signed.

Peter Blegvad - Kew Rhone (book)

Peter Blegvad's unique attempt to chronicle his 1977 collaborative masterpiece, Kew. Rhone.

Martyn Hanson - The Story of The Nice: Hang On To A Dream (book)

The Story of The Nice: Hang On To A Dream, first published in 2002 and now fully revised and updated, chronicles the history of Keith Emerson's early Psychedelic Classical Rock innovators.

David Rees & Martin Webb - Jethro Tull - The A New Day Tapes Volume 2 (book)

Volume 2 of the A New Day Tapes collects more exclusive in-depth interviews with Jethro Tull members past and present that have featured in the feted Jethro Tull magazine A New Day over the past 27 years.

Including forewords by Martin Barre and Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, the new 288-page collection has more photos and a larger typeface than the previous volume.

Anil Prasad - Innerviews (ebook)

Innerviews: Music Without Borders is the first book by acclaimed music journalist, Anil Prasad.

Burning Shed is offering the title in iPad (epub) and Kindle (mobi) compatible e-book formats. The files are easy to install and should be dragged directly onto the Kindle app, or into iTunes.

Twenty-four of the world's most respected musicians share incredibly candid and in-depth thoughts on the nature of the creative process, their conflicts and collaborations, and the realities of the contemporary music business.

Artists featured in the book include David Sylvian, Jon Anderson, Bjork, Bill Bruford, Martin Carthy, Bill Laswell, John McLaughlin, Tangerine Dream and David Torn.

"Thoughtful and literate music writing." - Steven Wilson

"Essential reading for thinking fans." - Guitar Player Magazine

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Andrew Keeling - The Concise Musical Guide to the Comsat Angels (book, colour version)

The Comsat Angels are often unjustly overlooked for their important contribution to the music of the 1980s and beyond. This Musical Guide reassesses their position in the contemporary cultural landscape with analysis, musical examples, historical perspectives, transcriptions and input from band members.

Andrew Keeling argues that the Comsat Angels were a band of supreme originality, intelligence and insight and this may be the main reason for their neglect by the mass audience.

"Written with all the devotion and attention that the Comsats require and deserve." - Simon Armitage

Brian Rabey - A Passion Play - The Story Of Ian Anderson & Jethro Tull (book)

Via new interviews with band members, Brian Rabey's A Passion Play traces the enthralling history of a brilliant band which started life as the Blades, briefly featured Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, and went on to become globe-trotting, stadium filling, and constantly evolving Prog Rock pioneers.

The philosophies of Ian Anderson (including advice on how to boil a harmonica in order to get the best sound!) are exhaustively mined, as Anderson provides one the longest print interviews he's ever given.

Contemporaries such as Greg Lake and John Wetton also offer insights.

Out of stock.

Nick Beggs - Steven Wilson And The Guitar Of EPIJ (comic)

Nick Beggs's follow-up to his hugely successful comic, Steven Wilson's Day Off, is an equally surreal adventure sure to delight fans of both SW and the maverick Stick/Bass guru.

Take it away, Nick, "Steven Wilson sits under the watchful eye of his faithful hound in the trophy room. As he contemplates his achievements, there is one adornment with which he is ill at ease. What is to be done about this cumbersome accolade and how will he find restitution?"

Cue the guitar of EPIJ!

An A4, 6 page, 12 panel, full colour comic pamphlet containing a pull-out poster.

Andrew Keeling - The Concise Musical Guide to King Crimson and Robert Fripp (1969 - 1984) (book colour)

Following his successful and massively detailed technical guides to albums such as In The Court Of The Crimson King, Andrew Keeling has written a more accessible introduction to the music of King Crimson for the general reader.

Available with colour pictures on white uncoated paper, or black and white pictures on cream uncoated paper

"Wow!" - Robert Fripp

Out of stock.

Bill Bruford - The Autobiography - Signed (Foruli edition) (book)

A candid, intelligent and often humorous reflection on the drummer's lot, Bill Bruford's best-selling autobiography is not only a fascinating account of his varied professional career with Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Earthworks and others, it's also a brilliant and thorough answer to the eternal dinner party question, "Yes, but what is it that you actually do?"

This is the Foruli edition, which has a new 1100 word prologue, plus additional photos and a different layout from the Jawbone original.

All copies sold through the Bill Bruford store are signed by Bill.

Jon Collins - Marillion - Separated Out (Redux) (book)

Separated Out is a meticulously researched biography by Jon Collins that chronicles Marillion's career-long refusal to compromise their music and ideals, and celebrates the continued popularity of one of Britain's most enduring creative Rock bands.

This is the revised and expanded 2012 'Redux' Foruli Classics edition.

Bill Bruford - When In Doubt Roll (book)

A compendium of 18 of Bruford's recorded works in notated form, together with scene-setting and some explanation of how and why BB arrived at the end product.

For the compulsive practisers amongst his readership, he has included a few exercises that may or may not be related to the music which precedes them in the chapter.

If the narrative casts a somewhat jaundiced eye on the reasons drummers play the things they play the author makes no apologies for that.

First published in 1988, this is the 2012 Foruli Classics re-print.

Signed by Bill Bruford.

The Vicar - The Mysterious Case of Billy's G String (Graphic Novel) (Book)

The first in a series of Graphic Novels, about the legendary music producer and great British eccentric, The Vicar, and his witty, irreverent assistant Punk Sanderson.

Sherlock Holmes meets Spinal Tap in these wondrous tales of music industry misdeeds.

The Vicar - Chronicle The First + 2nd (Book)

The first of The Vicar Chronicles - a series of whodunnits about the fictional (and not-so-fictional) adventures of the legendary music producer and great British eccentric, THE VICAR, as seen through the witty, irreverent eyes of his assistant PUNK SANDERSON.

Sherlock Holmes meets Spinal Tap in these wondrous tales of music industry misdeeds.

David Rees & Martin Webb - Jethro Tull - The A New Day Tapes (book)

Volume 1 of the A New Day Tapes collects all the exclusive in-depth - and often irreverent - interviews with Jethro Tull members past and present that have featured in the feted Jethro Tull magazine A New Day over the last 27 years.

Includes a foreword by Ian Anderson.

"Contentious, thoughtful, provocative, self-serving, ingratiating and downright evasive. It's all there for the traditional and newer Tull fan alike." - Ian Anderson, September 2012

Nick Beggs - Steven Wilson's Day Off (comic)

Needing to be read to be believed, Steven Wilson's Day Off is genius bass/stick player Nick Begg's comic debut.

In a surreal adventure involving a vortex and a veggie ice cream, SW's Day Off finds our favourite musical multi-tasker being presented with the Goblet of Prog by the 'five riders of the aprogalypse' (Neil Peart, Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters and Rick Wakeman).

An A4, 6 page, 12 panel, full colour comic pamphlet signed by Nick and containing a pull-out poster.

Now shipping.

Carbon Nation - Issue 10 (fanzine)

Issue 10 of the the independent Porcupine Tree fanzine features exclusive interviews with Steven Wilson, John Wesley, Tim Bowness / Pete Morgan (Burning Shed) and Dave Salt (PT tour manager), as well as reviews of Blackfield's Welcome To My DNA and PT's special New York and London shows.

Andrew Keeling - The Wine Of Silence - The Scores (book)

A companion release to the DGM/Panegyric CD of the same name, The Wine of Silence book is a facsimile collection of Andrew Keeling's written scores of his orchestral arrangements of Robert Fripp's solo Soundscapes.

Now shipping

Andrew Keeling - In the Shadow - Glimpsing the Creative Unconscious - Volume 1 of The DGM Diaries (1999 - 2002) (book)

Initiated by Robert Fripp, Andrew Keeling's Diary was envisaged as being a record of a living composer: one who bridged the Classical, Rock and Folk idioms.

Alongside illuminating the minutiae of the creative process, the diaries also shed light on Keeling's involvement with Fripp's record label, Discipline Global Mobile, his Soundscapes orchestrations and the creation of the King Crimson Musical Guides.

"The diaries provide both macro and micro views of the composer's world. Alongside musings on John Cage's influence on contemporary culture, the merits of "popular" music, or reflections upon the contradictions of a post-modern world, we see how everyday life tugs and pulls upon the creative process. " - Sid Smith

Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to Larks' Tongues In Aspic by King Crimson (book)

Generously illustrated with photographs and musical notation diagrams, this is the third in the series of Andrew Keeling's informative and insightful guides to the secret mechanics that power the mysterious music of King Crimson.

"Dr. Keeling continues to bring his critical skills to bear in this, the latest in his series of Musical Guides. A necessary addition to the shelves of anyone interested in approaching the music of King Crimson." -Robert Fripp.

"This is a distinctively personal, affectionate but utterly convincing musical analysis and it is a ground-breaking piece of musicology." - David Cross.

Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to In The Wake of Poseidon by King Crimson and McDonald and Giles by McDonald and Giles (Book)

Andrew Keeling's second guide to the work of King Crimson provides an informative insight into the innovative music of one of the most uncompromising Rock groups of all time.

The guide takes you through the complexities of the music revealing the unique harmonies, counterpoints and rhythms that went together to make "In The Wake Of Poseidon" and "McDonald and Giles".

Generously illustrated with photographs and musical notation diagrams.

"King Crimson is fortunate to have its music as expertly considered as this." - Robert Fripp

Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to In The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson (Book)

Andrew Keeling's essential guide provides a revealing insight into the complexities of King Crimson's startling debut album.

"Comprehensive and authoratative." - Sid Smith

"The guide is stunning, an exemplary piece of work. It sets a standard in the field." - Robert Fripp

Out of stock.

egg archive - copious notes (companion booklet)

Specially written to accompany the two Egg Archive CD releases, Copious Notes is a 60-page, 26,000-word companion booklet written by Dave Stewart, Mont Campbell and their close friend Antony Vinall.

The booklet tells the inside story of Uriel, Egg, Arzachel and the Ottawa Company from the formation of Uriel in early 1968 to the making of Egg's final album The Civil Surface in 1974. The text is crammed full of personal memoirs, anecdotes, short stories, random recollections, social observation, period details, musical analysis and song lyrics, as well as a priceless collection of archive photos taken by Terry Yetton and the musicians. An essential read for Canterbury and prog fans, UK music historians and collectors.

Jethro Tull - A Little Light Music - 1992 Tour Programme/Poster Bundle (tour programme/poster bundle)

A unique opportunity to purchase the 1992 tour programme and poster for Jethro Tull's popular acoustic live release A Little Light Music.

The poster measures 43 x 63.5 cm

Both items will be packaged together in a poster tube.

N.B. We have a limited quantity of the bundle.

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