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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (double cd - Gonzo)

2012 Gonzo Records re-mastered edition of ABWH's self-titled debut album, which now includes a second disc of bonus material featuring rare mixes, single edits and three live tracks.

Released in 1989, ABWH was considered a return to the grand, mystical music of peak period Yes, but with a contemporary 1980s production twist.



1. Themes (5:58)
a) Sound
b) Second Attention
c) Soul Warrior
2. Fist of Fire (3:27)
3. Brother of Mine (10:18)
a) The Big Dream
b) Nothing Can Come Between Us
c) Long Lost Brother of Mine
4. Birthright (6:02)
5. The meeting (4:21)
6. Quartet (I'm Alive) (9:22)
a) I Wanna Learn
b) She Gives Me Love
c) Who Was the First
d) I'm Alive
7. Teakbois (7:39)
8. Order of the Universe (9:02)
a) Order Theme
b) Rock Gives Courage
c) Itís So Hard to Grow
d) The Universe
9. Let's pretend (2:56)


1. Rick Wakeman Intros
2. Brother of Mine (edit)
3. Brother of Mine (radio edit)
4. Vultures in the City
5. Order of the Universe (edit)
6. Order of the Universe (long edit)
7. Quartet (I'm Alive) (Single edit)
8. Brother of Mine (live)
9. And You And I (live)
10. Order of the Universe (live)


- Jon Anderson / vocals
- Bill Bruford / drums
- Rick Wakeman / keyboards
- Steve Howe / guitar
- Tony Levin / bass, vocals and stick bass
- Milton McDonald / guitar (rhythm)



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