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Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie Gomez - If Summer Had Its Ghosts (cd)

A unique and atmospheric collaboration that sees Bill Bruford teaming up with ECM label 12 string guitar virtuoso Ralph Towner and former Bill Evans Trio bassist, Eddie Gomez.

'Lush, wondrous, spontaneous and melodic music.' - All Music

Available as a standard and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

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1. If Summer Had Its Ghosts (6:20)
2. Never The Same Way Once (5:04)
3. Forgiveness (5:15)
4. Somersaults (3:27)
5. Thistledown (4:11)
6. The Ballad Of Vilcabamba (5:00)
7. Amethyst (for Carmen) (4:18)
8. Splendour Among Shadows (4:52)
9. Some Other Time (3:01)
10. Silent Pool (3:35)
11. Now Is The Next Time (4:03)


- Bill Bruford / drums, percussion
- Ralph Towner / guitars, piano, electronic keyboards
- Eddie Gomez / bass

Executive Producer: Norm Waitt Jr.
Produced by Bill Bruford for Bill Bruford Productions Ltd.
Recording engineer: Tom Mark
Recorded and mixed at Make Believe Ballroom, West Shokan, NY, USA. February 1997
Mastering engineer: David Singleton
Mastered at Discipline Global Mobile, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK
Project initiation: Russell Summers Project coordination: Richard Chadwick, Opium (Arts) Ltd.
Design: David Coppenhall. Photography and images: Split (David Coppenhall/Maggi Smith)



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