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Bruford Levin Upper Extremities - Bruford Levin Upper Extremities (cd)

Dating from 1999, this is engaging and challenging music featuring King Crimson's ace rhythm section creatively colliding with David Torn's unique wails and loops, and Chris Botti's Miles Davis inspired cool melodic sensibility.

Pieces vary from gentle Jazz-tinged ballads to complex Crimson-esque hard rock escapades.

Tying the album together are excerpts of Bruford drumming on a derelict piano.


1. Cerulean Sea (7:03)
2. Interlude (0:23)
3. Original Sin (4:55)
4. Etude Revisited (4:57)
5. A Palace of Pearls (On a Blade of Grass) (5:33)
6. Interlude (0:19)
7. Fin de Siecle (5:22)
8. Drumbass (0:54)
9. Cracking the Midnight Glass (6:06)
10. Torn Drumbass (0:54)
11. Thick With Thin Air (3:28)
12. Cobalt Canyons (3:53)
13. Interlude (0:27)
14. Deeper Blue (4:12)
15. President's Day (6:22)


Bill Bruford - drums, percussion, and a little keyboards
Tony Levin - basses, Stick
Chris Botti - trumpet
David Torn - guitars, loops



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