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Bruford - The Bruford Tapes (cd)

One of the first of the "beat the bootleggers" albums, The Bruford Tapes was recorded for a live radio broadcast in Long Island, New York in the Summer of 1979.

Featuring the Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin and 'The Unknown' John Clark line-up, the album ably captured the raw power of Bruford live, whilst sacrificing none of the band's instrumental sophistication.


This re-mastered cd edition features bonus track, The Age Of Information.


1. Hell's Bells
2. Sample and Hold
3. Fainting in Coils
4. Travels with Myself - and Someone Else
5. Beelzebub
6. The Sahara of Snow (part 1)
7. The Sahara of Snow (part 2)
8. One of a Kind (part 2)
9. 5g

Bonus track:

10. The Age of Information



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