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Bill Bruford Summerfold

Bill Bruford - The Summerfold Collection 1987-2008 (double cd)

Summerfold Records was created in 2004 as a means of collecting and releasing the Jazz orientated side of Bill Bruford's music.

This double CD is a collection of 22 of the best tracks from across 12 Summerfold albums, and features music from an eclectic range of artists including Bill Bruford's Earthworks, Michiel Borstlap, Ralph Towner, Tim Garland and World Drummers Ensemble.

An ideal introduction to the Jazz side of Bill Bruford.

Bill Bruford - Sampler And Interview (dvd)

Bill Bruford is widely acknowledged as 'The Godfather of Progressive Rock Drumming'. His subsequent career has led him to fruitful collaborations and associations with dozens of the world's finest rock and jazz musicians, many of which are available on DVD from his two labels, Summerfold and Winterfold Records.

Throughout this free Sampler DVD, Bill introduces and discusses footage of his groups Bruford, Earthworks, Bruford-Borstlap, and the World Drummer's Ensemble during an in-depth interview with music journalist Jon Kirkman.

This item is also included in the 2 DVD set 'Earthworks: Footloose in NYC' BBSF 020DVD

Bill Bruford Earthworks - Video Anthology Volume 2 - 1990s (dvd)

The second in a two volume anthology of concert footage featuring Bill Bruford's Earthworks.

Filmed on tour in Germany 1991, Japan 1991, and Bulgaria 1999, this volume chronicles the band's progress through the 1990s from its electronic start to its acoustic renaissance

'Earthworks continues to offer a platform to the brightest and best young players, and has become a potential model for the 21st century Jazz mainstream.' - Chicago Reader

Bill Bruford Earthworks - Video Anthology Volume 1 - 2000s (dvd)

The first in a two volume anthology of concert footage featuring Bill Bruford's Earthworks.

Filmed on tour in the United States in 2001, Argentina in 2002, and Germany in 2005, this DVD also includes three previously unrecorded tracks, and marks the debut performance of bassist Laurence Cottle and pianist Gwilym Simcock with the group.

'Effortless, elegant and economical, Bruford personifies the art of the drummer, and his group Earthworks casts new light on the jazz quartet format.' - Los Angeles Times

Bill Bruford Earthworks - Random Acts Of Happiness (cd)

An excellent live Earthworks offering from 2004, featuring Tim Garland on saxophones, flute and clarinet.

As well as highlighting and playing with the possibilities of the band's recent studio work, the album contains unexpected versions of the Bruford classics, Seems Like A Lifetime Ago and One Of A Kind.

"The music they play is a maelstrom of wide-ranging influences long since subsumed into a wholly original identity." - Jazzwise Magazine

Bill Bruford Earthworks - Footloose In NYC (dvd)

Recorded in 2001, and originally released as a companion DVD to the double CD Footloose and Fancy Free, Footloose in NYC offers nearly 2 hours of of live performance, and 20 minutes of exclusive backstage footage and interviews.

An intimate evening of state-of-the-art jazz at The Bottom Line in New York City.

"Effortless, elegant and economical, Bruford personifies the art of the drummer, and his group Earthworks cast new light on the jazz quartet format." - Los Angeles Times

This re-issued DVD now comes as a two DVD set containing a 90 minute bonus Sampler DVD of Bill discussing his other DVD titles in an illustrated interview with Jon Kirkman.

Bill Bruford Earthworks - Footloose And Fancy Free

"Over hundreds of nights and thousands of concerts, the imperceptible removal of grime and accretion will, you hope, let your light shine forth more brightly" - Bill Bruford.

Bruford has, by his own count, played some 2800 concerts since his light began shining in the early 1970s, as a singularly brilliant art-rock drummer with Yes and King Crimson. This double live album, with tunes drawn mainly from the studio albums A Part, And Yet Apart and The Sound of Surprise, shows Bruford in the context of the later acoustic sax-piano jazz quartet incarnation of his long-running Earthworks band.

5 out of 5 - Downbeat

Available as a standard, Japanese and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

japanese edition double cd

Bill Bruford Earthworks - The Sound Of Surprise (cd)

The second studio album by Bill's acoustic Jazz incarnation of Earthworks was immediately recorded following a gruelling 18 date tour in 2001.

Containing nine full-blooded tracks of hard-hitting acoustic Jazz weighing in at some 63 minutes, The Sound Of Surprise represented the fruit of nine months of focused endeavour.

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Bill Bruford Earthworks - A Part, And Yet Apart (double cd)

Earthworks sixth album - from 1999 - represented a radical new beginning for the band, with Bill Bruford showcasing an entirely different line-up of up and coming Jazz musicians and ditching the electronic element prominent in previous incarnations of the band.

Bill Bruford Earthworks - Stamping Ground - Live (double cd)

A stunning live album from Earthworks originally released in 1994.

This is Earthworks in Surman or Garbarek - ECM flavoured - mode and captures the band's uniquely European blending of electronic and acoustic instrumentation at its best.

Amongst other highlights, the album contains the exquisite epic Pilgrim's Way and the hypnotic Up North.

As with other albums in the Summerfold series of releases, Stamping Ground comes with a bonus disc containing music from the contrasting Winterfold catalogue and an exclusive interview with Bill Bruford.

Available as a standard and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

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Bill Bruford Earthworks - All Heaven Broke Loose (double cd)

By 1991 and the release of the Earthworks' third studio album, All Heaven Broke Loose,, much of the chordal work was being created via Bill's electronic drums (heard to good effect here on the title track, and Candles Still Flicker In Romania's Dark).

Other key tracks include the House-inspired Splashing Out, and the North-African influenced Pigalle.

This recording of All Heaven Broke Loose has been re-mastered and includes two bonus tracks, Libreville and Pilgrim's Way.

As with other albums in the Summerfold series of releases, Stamping Ground comes with a bonus disc containing music from the contrasting Winterfold catalogue and an exclusive interview with Bill Bruford.

'The perfect antidote to the increasingly grotesque jazz-fusion scene.' - The Scotsman

Available as standard and Bill Bruford signed editions.

Bill Bruford Earthworks - Dig? (cd)

Earthworks second album from 1989 was considered a more coherent band statement than its debut and relied more on capturing live group interaction than the innovative production statements of the band's debut.

This recording of Dig? has been re-mastered and includes two bonus tracks, Emotional Shirt and Pigalle.

Available as a standard SINGLE CD and a Bill Bruford signed 2CD edition.

Bill Bruford Earthworks - Earthworks (cd)

Back to the beginning again: Earthworks - from 1986 - represented a bold attempt to fuse Jazz music and Rock technology.

Produced by Dave Stewart, the album introduced a very different Bill Bruford in a very different band setting.

This version of the Earthworks' debut album has been re mastered and includes two bonus tracks: All Heaven Broke Loose and A Stone's Throw.

Available as a standard and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie Gomez - If Summer Had Its Ghosts (cd)

A unique and atmospheric collaboration that sees Bill Bruford teaming up with ECM label 12 string guitar virtuoso Ralph Towner and former Bill Evans Trio bassist, Eddie Gomez.

'Lush, wondrous, spontaneous and melodic music.' - All Music

Available as a standard and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

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Pianocircus featuring Bill Bruford play the music of Colin Riley - Skin And Wire (cd)

In which a composer supervises a Jazz drummer, who used to be a Rock drummer, playing with a group of Classical pianists best known for performing systems music.

Skin and Wire blends electronica, Jazz and the avant-garde into a diverse set of high-energy and ambient tracks designed to harness the remarkable power and range of the performers.

A remarkable fusion of disparate talents.

Bill Bruford and Michiel Borstlap - In Two Minds (cd)

In addition to touring and major festival appearances, Bill Bruford and eclectic Dutch keyboard master Michiel Borstlap made two albums and a dvd after their first meeting at the Nijmegen Festival in Holland in 2002.

Featuring eleven intimate and conversational tracks of original material, plus a unique reading of the Miles Davis standard All Blues, In Two Minds was the second CD to come from this pairing of fine musicians.

Bill Bruford and Michiel Borstlap - Every Step A Dance, Every Word A Song (cd)

Every Step A Dance comprises recordings taken from a personal archive of dates the Bruford-Borstlap played in the early 2000s.

The nature of the music is conversational. In a small room, where most of the tracks were recorded, this evokes the intimacy of a dinner table conversation between old friends ( Round Midnight, Every Step ), but in a big hall, things quite naturally become a lot more muscular and assertive (16 Kingdoms, Swansong ).

An able display of the passion the Bruford and Borstlap partnership had for free expression and spontaneous performance.

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Bill Bruford and Michiel Borstlap - In Concert In Holland (dvd)

An evocative 90 minute DVD filmed in two locations in Holland in 2005.

The main programme of approximately one hour of concert footage from Nijmegen is accompanied by a further half-hour of backstage footage and bonus tracks performed in Maastricht.

Neither Rock, nor Jazz, the Bruford/Borstlap partnership believed in a music without boundaries or safety nets, and their instant compositions resonated with happy coincidence, brilliant technique, human accident, unforced error, missed chances, astonishing good luck and hidden intentions.

Pete Lockett Network of Sparks featuring Bill Bruford - One (cd)

In 1999 Lockett and Bruford toured as Network of Sparks. The musically and culturally eclectic One album followed.

Featuring a percussion quintet blending Ghanaian and North Indian Dhol traditions with progressive Jazz and electronica, the music on One provides an ideal guide to the sophisticated rhythmic possibilities available from cultures very different from our Western one.

"It is a remarkable hommage to the art of the drum and will keep you spellbound with a considerably lower jaw-line for the whole album." - Wax Magazine

The New Percussion Group Of Amsterdam  - Go Between (with Bill Bruford and Keiko Abe)

Considered one of the finest percussion groups in the world, The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam was founded in 1980 to bring new and adventurous percussion based works into the public arena.

Dating from 1986, Go Between comprises four long pieces written specifically for the project and two stellar featured artists, the eminent Japanese composer and virtuoso Keiko Abe, and Bill Bruford.

Bill appears on one track.

Available as a standard and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

World Drummers Ensemble - A Coat Of Many Colours

Doudou N'Diaye Rose (Senegalese master of the sabar), Chad Wackerman, (Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth), Luis Conte (Madonna, Michael Jackson), and Bill Bruford - four percussion masters - come together for a highly charged musical exchange.

The music includes pieces from all group members, but also from Switzerland via Pierre Favre, Turkey via the Harem Percussion Group, America via Max Roach, and there's even a re-working of King Crimson's B'Boom.

This Dual Disc CD audio / DVD documents over an hour of their ambitious programme from concerts in Amsterdam and Brussels, and includes a complimentary 15 minute DVD on the reverse side.

Available as a standard and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

signed cd

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