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Bill Bruford - An Introduction To Bill Bruford's Winterfold Records (cd)

An excellent beginner's guide to the more Rock- orientated side of drumming innovator, Bill Bruford.

Features pieces by Bruford (the band) and Moraz/Bruford.

Bill Bruford - The Winterfold Collection 1978-1986 (cd)

Winterfold Records was created in 2004 as a means of collecting and releasing the Rock orientated side of Bill Bruford's music.

This CD is a collection of 13 of the best tracks from across 6 Winterfold albums, and features music from Bruford-Moraz and the fabled late 1970s Bruford band (with Dave Stewart, Allan Holdsworth and Jeff Berlin).

An ideal introduction to the Rock side of Bill Bruford.

Moraz-Bruford - Music For Piano And Drums (cd)

On reflection, keyboardist Patrick Moraz and drummer Bill Bruford had obvious commonality. By the mid 1980s both were Yes alumni, both were tiring of big stadium excess, both had roots and influences that lay closer to Jazz than progressive rock, and both were looking for a more flexible music, stripped of the trappings and associated costs of their regular day-jobs.

Released in 1983, Flags was the more acoustic and organic of the pair's two studio collaborations.

'Marvellously spiky and capricious and closer to the Jazz-based material that Bruford would explore more fully in Earthworks a few years later.' - Sid Smith

Available as a standard and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

Bruford Levin Upper Extremities - Bruford Levin Upper Extremities (cd)

Dating from 1999, this is engaging and challenging music featuring King Crimson's ace rhythm section creatively colliding with David Torn's unique wails and loops, and Chris Botti's Miles Davis inspired cool melodic sensibility.

Pieces vary from gentle Jazz-tinged ballads to complex Crimson-esque hard rock escapades.

Moraz-Bruford - Live In Tokyo (cd)

The only official live album available from the peerless duo of Moraz-Bruford, In Tokyo is a recording taken from a performance at the Laforet Museum, Akasaka, Tokyo.

The 10 tracks capture the duo at the peak of their game.

Out of stock.

Moraz-Bruford - Flags (cd)

Bruford and Moraz, two former members of Yes, united in the mid-1980s, based on a shared love of Jazz and a desire to experiment outside of the confines of their more familiar projects.

Released in 1985, Flags was the more synth-orientated of the pair's two studio collaborations - a technologically enhanced development of Piano/Drums - and featured original material, alongside a cover of Max Roach's The Drum Also Waltzes.

Available as a standard and a Bill Bruford signed edition.

Bill Bruford - Bruford And The Beat (dvd)

A pioneering drum instructional video filmed in New York and New Haven in early 1982, 'Bruford and the Beat' contains solos, interviews, demonstrations and rare footage of Bill in performance with King Crimson.

Featuring guest appearances from Robert Fripp and Steve Howe, the result is both entertaining and educational.

A truly intriguing insight into the work of one of the World's most distinctive drummers.

Out of stock.

Bruford - Rock Goes To College

Recorded in March 1979, this is thought to be the Bruford band's debut gig, immediately following Bill Bruford and Allan Holdsworth's time with Eddie Jobson and John Wetton in UK.

The concert was filmed as part of the BBC TV series Rock Goes To College at Oxford Polytechnic and featured the classic line-up of Bruford, Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin and Dave Stewart (with guest Annette Peacock) playing material from the albums Feels Good To Me and One Of A Kind.

Available on CD, DVD and vinyl.

(Please note: the LPs are signed by Bill so they are not shrinkwrapped and the sleeves have been handled so they are not 100% perfect)

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Bruford - The Bruford Tapes (cd)

One of the first of the "beat the bootleggers" albums, The Bruford Tapes was recorded for a live radio broadcast in Long Island, New York in the Summer of 1979.

Featuring the Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin and 'The Unknown' John Clark line-up, the album ably captured the raw power of Bruford live, whilst sacrificing none of the band's instrumental sophistication.


This re-mastered cd edition features bonus track, The Age Of Information.

Bruford - Gradually Going Tornado

Following his debut "Feels Good To Me" and its acclaimed successor "One of a Kind", Bruford continued to evolve and experiment on "Gradually Going Tornado", the last studio release by his astonishing group, Bruford.

Exhibiting a left-field shift in direction, the album featured bassist Jeff Berlin on lead vocals for the first time and new guitarist 'The Unknown' John Clark (replacing the departed Allan Holdsworth).


Available on cd and vinyl.

The re-mastered cd edition features bonus track, Five G.

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Bruford - One Of A Kind (cd)

One Of A Kind, from 1979, is one of the most celebrated Bruford-related offerings.

Featuring the classic quartet of Bruford, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin and Allan Holdsworth, the album demonstrated a consistency and purity of vision that fully reflected the band's ongoing creative growth and maturity.

"A monumental step in the drummer's career, perhaps the greatest one, here is a branch from the progressive rock history tree that should not be overlooked." - Michael Ezzo, Expose.


Available on cd and vinyl

The re-mastered cd edition features bonus track, Manacles.

Bill Bruford - Feels Good To Me (cd)

The astonishing 1977 debut album from drumming legend Bill Bruford.

Featuring a stellar line up including guitarists Allan Holdsworth and John Goodsall, bassist Jeff Berlin, keyboardist Dave Stewart, ECM flügelhorn maestro, Kenny Wheeler, and singer-songwriter Annette Peacock.


Available on cd and vinyl.

The re-mastered cd edition features bonus track, Joe Frazier.



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