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Rikard Sjoblom - The Unbendable Sleep (vinyl)

Multi-instrumentalist / vocalist Rikard Sjoblom is the leader / founder of highly-rated Swedish progressive rockers Beardfish and a member of acclaimed UK band Big Big Train.

The Unbendable Sleep shows Sjoblom at his most eclectic and intimate and provides new insights into Sjoblom's prodigious creativity.

Plane Groovy label vinyl version with lyric insert.

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Side One:

1. Love And War Part One: I Am Who You Are 3:25
2. Realm of You and Me 5:10
3. Rhyme and Reason 11:22
4. Will We Cry? 4:05

Side Two:

1. Under Northern Skies (Villemo's Song) 7:44
2. Building a Tent for Astor 1:42
3. Anna-Lee 4:50
4. Love And War Part Two: Lucky Star 11:09


Non-signed version



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