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centrozoon - the scent of crash and burn (cd ep)

Dating from 2003, Centrozoon's first release with No-Man singer Tim Bowness presented an unexpected fusion of electronic pop and experimental elements that was both accessible and challenging.

From the electro-rush of '10 Versions of America' to the croon-laden hush of 'The Me I Knew' via the other-worldly title track, this five track sampler provided an ideal cross section of the results of this unlikely collaboration.

?A hybrid pop refinement that will appeal to fans of Japan as well as King Crimson." - Expose

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1) ten versions of america (trg radio version)
2) make me forget you
3) the me i knew
4) the scent of crash and burn
5) ten versions of america


music by bowness/reuter/wöstheinrich
lyrics by bowness

tim bowness . vocals
markus reuter . guitar
bernhard wöstheinrich . synths and programming

recording engineer . philipp quaet-faslem
mixed by lee fletcher except 5 by fletcher/reuter
alternative arrangements on 1 by philipp muench

mastered by eroc at the mastering ranch
artwork and design by bernhard wöstheinrich

produced by centrozoon




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