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Japan - Obscure Alternatives (double red vinyl)

Japan's second album still possessed an energetic rawness very different from their later work, but also hinted at the band's more discreet adventures to come.

Contains the glorious, atmospheric instrumental, The Tenant.

This 180g double LP re-release also has 8 bonus tracks (including live tracks and versions of Life In Tokyo, I Second That Emotion and European Son).

These are the last of the initial 1000 numbered copies (red vinyl).

PLEASE NOTE: there is a chance of some sibilance on the vocals on Side D on all pressed copies. This seems to be due to a stamper error at the factory. 99% of the copies we have sold have been ok but we have not checked these final ones as they are shrinkwrapped.

Out of stock.


A1 Automatic Gun (4:07)
A2 ...Rhodesia (6:49)
A3 Love Is Infectious (4:10)
A4 Sometimes I Feel So Low (3:48)

B1 Obscure Alternatives (6:47)
B2 Deviation (3:23)
B3 Surburban Berlin (5:01)
B4 The Tenant (7:16)

C1 In Vogue (Live In Tokyo) (6:11)
C2 Deviation (Live In Tokyo) (3:21)
C3 Obscure Alternatives (Live In Tokyo) (6:05)
C4 Sometimes I Feel So Low (Live In Tokyo) (4:08)

D1 I Second That Emotion (7" version) (3:45)
D2 Life In Tokyo (7" version) (3:33)
D3 European Son (7" version) (3:40)
D4 Life In Tokyo (12" extended version) (7:05)



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