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Aviv Geffen - As Time Goes By (CD)

'As Time Goes By' is Aviv Geffen's eleventh studio album, released in 2006.

Aviv Geffen is best known in Europe and America for his Blackfield collaboration with Steven Wilson, but in his native Israel he is a household name.

More than 2.5 million albums sold in a country of 7 million people - tell only part of the story.

For most of his 15-year career, Geffen has been not just the biggest rock star in Israel - in terms of popularity and influence, think Robbie Williams meets David Bowie with a dash of John Lennon - but the spokesman for a generation.

"I don't separate my music and my message," he explains. "To me they are the same thing. And my message is simple - everyone should be free to choose their own life. That's all I want to say."

Freedom is the universal theme that runs through Geffen's 12 hit albums - not surprising for a man who has faced death threats from religious and political opponents, but refuses to be silenced by his enemies. In Israel, Aviv's songs are already part of the country's history. For 15 years he has been challenging the establishment and urging the younger generation to question what they are told. He had a hit with a song that called the Prime Minister a drunk. He defied a radio ban to top the charts with an anthem that proclaimed Israel's youth as "the fucked-up generation." Earlier this year, he was once again banned from the radio, this time to stop him spreading his message as a broadcaster. Today, a new generation of teenagers sing his anthems with the same passion as their parents did before them. His influence has spanned successive generations but his message remains the same, encapsulated by the title of his signature tune, The Hope Song.

Together with Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson the has released two albums under the Blackfield banner in 2004 and 2007 and issued a DVD 'Live In NYC' recorded in concert at the legendary Bowery Ballroom in New York.

Aviv recently released his debut English language album produced by the legendary Trevor Horn.

N.B. - The lyrics on this album are sung in Aviv's native Hebrew.

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1. With The Time
2. Tomorrow
3. Thousands Of People
4. Only The Heart Hurts
5. Epidemic
6. Underground of Love
7. Glowing
8. For You
9. You, Me And The Dog
10. No Time Under The sun



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