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Djam Karet - Ascension - New Dark Age Volume 2 (cd)

Released in 2001, Ascension is a collection of instrumentals that further explores the musical approaches that emerged during Djam Karet's recording sessions for its album, New Dark Age.

An inspired mixture of Progressive, Folk and World Music concepts, Ascension is another valuable entry into this intriguing band's catalogue.

'Never less than exhilarating in its virtuoso interplay, while never succumbing to jam band histrionics.' - Billboard

"One of the best damn rock bands on the planet." - Aural Innovations

Available in Japanese vinyl miniature format.

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1. Arose From The Ashes (5.30)
2. Licking The Skull (1.50)
3. The Hanging Tree (6.58)
4. Swimming In Th Big Sky (4.35)
5. Special Cases (4.46)
6. Stage Three (6.24)
7. Disintegration (16.06)


Gayle Ellett - Electric Guitars, 8-String Lute, Organ, Wooden Flute, E-Bow, Synths, Field Recordings, Effects
Mike Henderson - Acoustic and Electric 6 & 12 String Guitars, Lap Steel Slide Guitar, E-Bow, Dumbek, Tubano, Acoustic &Electric Percussion, Synths, Field Recordings, Effects
Chuck Oken, Jr. - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Synths, Sequencer Programming
Henry J. Osborne - 5-String Bass, Didgeridoo



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