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Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden (vinyl/dvd)

Talk Talk's 1988 release Spirit Of Eden saw the band wholly embrace the abstract experimental urges hinted at on It's Getting Late In The Evening, Chameleon Day and April 5th.

Simultaneously haunting and hard hitting, graceful and gritty, Spirit Of Eden is very much a unified album statement. An influence on the Post Rock movement to come, as well as on the likes of No-Man, Bark Psychosis and Slint.

Heavyweight 180gm vinyl reissue cut from the original analogue master, alongside a DVD featuring the album as a 96kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo mix. The DVD also features John Cope, the b-side to the I Believe In You single.

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1. The Rainbow (9:09)
2. Eden (6:34)
3. Desire (6:57)
4. Inheritance (5:23)
5. I Believe in You (6:10)
6. Wealth (6:43)

DVD (96kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo mix):

1. The Rainbow
2. Eden
3. Desire
4. Inheritance
5. I Believe In You
6. Wealth
7. John Cope


- Mark Hollis / vocals, piano, organ, guitar
- Tim Friese-Greene / harmonium, piano, organ, guitar
- Lee Harris / drums
- Paul Webb / electric bass
- Martin Ditchman / percussion
- Robbie McIntosh / Dobra 12 string guitar
- Mark Feltham / harmonica
- Simon Edwards / Mexican bass
- Danny Thompson / double bass
- Henry Lowther / trumpet
- Nigel Kennedy / violin
- Hugh Davis / shozgs
- Andrew Stowell / bassoon
- Michael Jeans / oboe
- Andrew Marriner / clarinet
- Christopher Hooker / cor Anglais
- Chior Of Chelmsford / choir

Produced by Tim Friese-Greene



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