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Moonbound - Peak Of Eternal Light (CD)

Hooky 80s influenced pop-rock with Progressive influences and contemporary production values, Peak Of Eternal Light is Fabio Trentini's inspired collection of timeless pop/rock-songs.

Features Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, XTC), Dave Gregory (XTC, Peter Gabriel), and many more.

Co-produced by Trentini, Markus Reuter & Pat Mastelotto.

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1. Our Day Will Come 04:22
2. Flash Through Your Brain 03:33
3. Heatwave 04:24
4. Here In Wonderland 03:45
5. A Reason To Hope 04:20
6. Peak Of Eternal Light 03:25
7. Dreams Are Funny Sometimes 03:33
8. Hold Me 03:33
9. The Right Day For Goodbyes 03:23
10. In The Country Of The Blind 04:07
11. He Says, She Says 04:17
12. While We Sleep 03:57


Fabio Trentini: music/lyrics, production, lead and backing vocals, bass, guitars, keys, chapman stick, programming
Pat Mastelotto (Mr.Mister/King Crimson/Tuner): drums and percussion, co-producing
Markus Reuter (Centrozoon/Tuner/Toyah/Stick Men): touch guitar, co-producing
Dave Gregory (XTC/Peter Gabriel): guitar
Michi Dei Rossi (Le Orme): percussion
Pete Vuckovic (3 Colours Red/Bassknives): vocals
Jeff Collier (T.A.S.S.): lyrics, backing vocals



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