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Djam Karet - The Heavy Soul Sessions (cd)

The music on this latest release by US instrumental outfit Djam Karet was recorded live in the studio without any overdubs or computer manipulation.

Featuring wailing guitar solos, beautiful analog synth melodies, and a hard-hitting rhythmic attack, The Heavy Soul Sessions showcases the band at its fiery best.

In order to create a livelier and more dynamic sound, no compression or limiting was used during the making of this CD.


In 2010, the 5 members of Djam Karet performed some rare live shows, which included music from throughout their 26 year-long career.

When the band returned to America, they decided to record some of their live repertoire in their own private studio to better capture the group's live sound. From this, the CD "The Heavy Soul Sessions" emerged.

In order to achieve a livelier and more dynamic sound, all of the music was performed live in the studio without any overdubs. Additionally, no compressors or limiters were used during the recording process. The resulting CD possesses a sound that is dynamic, vital, punchy and powerful.

On the song "Hungry Ghost", the twin lead guitars and mini-moog play together in blazing unison, driving the music forward and finally ending in a passionate crescendo. Bringing the intensity down a little, "Consider Figure Three", demonstrates the Ambient/Electronic side of the group as altered voices from the netherworld float through a soundscape of dark, melancholic beauty. "Dedicated to K.C." was composed by Richard Pinhas (of Heldon fame), and is the only cover-song the group has ever recorded. Originally appearing on his 1982 release "L'Ethique", this powerful and melodic song fits in perfectly with the highly dynamic feel of this unique entry into Djam Karet's back catalogue.

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1. Hungry Ghost (8:32)
2. The Red Threaded Sexy Beast (12:42)
3. The Packing House (12:56)
4. Consider Figure Three (9:48)
5. Dedicated To KC (9:48)
6. The Gypsy And The Hegemon (10:55)


Gayle Ellett: Analog and Digital Keyboards
Mike Henderson: Electric Guitars and Effects
Aaron Kenyon: Electric 5-string Bass and Effects
Mike Murray: Electric Guitars and Effects
Chuck Oken, Jr.: Drums, Loops


All music composed, arranged, performed, and produced by Djam Karet except "Dedicated to KC" which is written by Richard Pinhas and appears on his 1982 release L'Ethique.

Used by permission of the author 2010. Recorded at White Arrow Studios by Mike Henderson and Chuck Oken, jr in Fall of 2009.

Mixed and mastered by Gayle Ellett in Spring 2010.



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