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Ion - Madre, Protegenos (cd)

Dating from 2006, ex Anathema keyboard player Duncan Patterson's first album as IŤon represented a highly personal statement.

Though fairly minimalist in its overall approach, Madre, Protegenos's true strength stems from its multi-layered soundscapes and its haunted introspective ambiance.


01. Madre, Protegenos (5:02)
02. O Efeito do Verao (5:35)
03. Learpholl (6:21)
04. Anathema Maranatha (4:11)
05. Believe (5:17)
06. Ultreia (1:56)
07. Goodbye Johnny Dear (4:57)
08. Fe, Esperanza, Amor (3:09)
09. Beyond the Morning(2:48)



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