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Japan - Quiet Life (Limited Edition 3LP Black Vinyl Edition)

Arguably Japan's first great album, Quiet Life was a subtle artistic triumph that effectively reinvented the band, positioning them at the forefront of the 1980s Art Pop movement.

* 180 grams audiophile vinyl
* Gatefold Sleeve
* 3LP set including 2LP's with rare bonus tracks
* Includes Replica of Japanese insert with liner notes
* Black vinyl edition

Japan - Obscure Alternatives (double red vinyl)

Japan's second album still possessed an energetic rawness very different from their later work, but also hinted at the band's more discreet adventures to come.

Contains the glorious, atmospheric instrumental, The Tenant.

This double LP re-release also has 8 bonus tracks (including live tracks and versions of Life In Tokyo, I Second That Emotion and European Son).

The first 1000, numbered copies are pressed on red vinyl.

* 180 grams audiophile vinyl.
* 2LP edition with 8 bonus tracks.
* Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies on red vinyl.

Out of stock.

Japan - Adolescent Sex (vinyl + bonus 7)

Japan's debut is a world away from the sophisticated pleasures of Quiet Life and Tin Drum, but has an energetic and inventive character of its own.

The raw beginnings of an innovative band.

This vinyl re-release comes with a bonus 7-inch and the first 1000 numbered, copies of this set are pressed on red vinyl.

* 180 grams audiophile vinyl
* Incl. bonus 7"
* Ltd Edition on red vinyl (1000 numbered copies)


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