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Djam Karet

Djam Karet - The Trip (cd)

US sonic warriors Djam Karet return after an 8 year gap.

Featuring a single 47 minute-long track, The Trip is a psychedelic journey drawing on 60s experimentalism, Progressive invention and Krautrock strangeness.

A soundtrack of a trip to places both familiar and otherworldly.

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Djam Karet - The Heavy Soul Sessions (cd)

The music on this latest release by US instrumental outfit Djam Karet was recorded live in the studio without any overdubs or computer manipulation.

Featuring wailing guitar solos, beautiful analog synth melodies, and a hard-hitting rhythmic attack, The Heavy Soul Sessions showcases the band at its fiery best.

In order to create a livelier and more dynamic sound, no compression or limiting was used during the making of this CD.

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Djam Karet - Ascension - New Dark Age Volume 2 (cd)

Released in 2001, Ascension is a collection of instrumentals that further explores the musical approaches that emerged during Djam Karet's recording sessions for its album, New Dark Age.

An inspired mixture of Progressive, Folk and World Music concepts, Ascension is another valuable entry into this intriguing band's catalogue.

'Never less than exhilarating in its virtuoso interplay.' - Billboard

Available in Japanese vinyl miniature format.

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Djam Karet - A Beginner's Guide Volumes 1 and 2 (25th Anniversary Edition) (double cd)

A superb introduction to the work of instrumental Californian Post Progressive legends, Djam Karet.

Unique and hypnotic, A Beginner's Guide provides a compelling argument for Djam Karet's reputation as one of America's greatest undiscovered bands.

'Pink Floydian dreamscapes intersect with the jagged complexity of King Crimson.' - Rolling Stone

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