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XTC - English Settlement (cd)

With its distinctive cover depiction of the Uffington White Horse and its more prominent use of acoustic guitar, XTC's 1982 studio release was immediately hailed as a significant departure for the band and a future masterpiece.

This is the 2001 re-master, but includes restored and corrected Ape label artwork.


1. Runaways (4:51)
2. Ball And Chain (4:28)
3. Senses Working Overtime (4:45)
4. Jason And The Argonauts (6:03)
5. No Thugs In Our House (5:16)
6. Yacht Dance (3:52)
7. All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late) (5:18)
8. Melt The Guns (6:31)
9. Leisure (5:01)
10. It's Nearly Africa (3:54)
11. Knuckle Down (4:26)
12. Fly On The Wall (3:11)
13. Down In The Cockpit (5:35)
14. English Roundabout (3:50)
15. Snowman (4:26)


Colin Moulding - lead vocals, backing vocals, fretless bass, Fender bass, mini-Korg, piano, percussion
Andy Partridge - lead vocals, backing vocals, electric guitar, semi-acoustic electric 12-string guitar, semi-acoustic electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mini-Korg, Prophet V, anklung, alto sax, percussion, frog
Dave Gregory - electric 12-string guitar, electric guitars, nylon-string Spanish guitar, semi-acoustic electric 12-string guitar, Prophet V, mini-Korg, backing vocals, percussion, piano
Terry Chambers - drums, drum synthesiser, percussion, backing vocals


Hugh Padgham - backing vocals on Ball and Chain
Hans de Vente - backing vocals on It's Nearly Africa



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