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The Milk And Honey Band - Round The Sun (mp3 download)

The Milk And Honey Band's debut album from 1994, originally released on the Rough Trade label.

More lo-fi than subsequent releases, Round The Sun comprised material written while Robert White was still a part of the acclaimed Post-Psychedelic Indie band levitation.

Perhaps as a result of White's time in Levitation, the material has a more Psychedelic/Progressive approach than featured in the band's later Pop orientated material.

File Size: 71.0 MB.


1) Tin Cans (3:30)
2) Not Heaven (3:26)
3) Another Perfect Day (3:28)
4) Out of Nowhere (2:45)
5) Tea (3:56)
6) Round the Sun (5:24)
7) Pier View (3:04)
8) Puerto (4:10)
9) Off My Hands (4:46)
10) Light (4:23)
11) Raining (7:31)



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