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Andy Partridge - Fuzzy Warbles Volume Eight CD

The eighth volume of Andy's essential 'secret tape' series.

The cherry on the Warbles cake, the series ends with the dreamy swing of Through Electric Gardens, the perplexing personal possibilities of The Bland Leading The Bland, the fright-night strangeness of Shalloween and much, much more.

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1. Through Electric gardens
2. Skate Dreams Wet Cat
3. The Bland Leading The Bland
4. Sliverstar
5. I Gave My Suitcase Away
6. Extrovert
7. Another Satellite
8. These Voices
9. Song For Wes Long
10. Happy Birthday Karen
11. REM Producer Enquiry
12. The Loving
13. Shalloween
14. Was A Yes
15. Genie In A Bottle
16. Disque Bleu
17. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
18. I Don't Want To Be Here (original demo)
19. Chalkhills & Children



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