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Jen Olive

Jen Olive - I SAY LOVE ep (mp3 download)

Jen Olive's debut Ape EP features 2 tracks from Warm Robot plus 2 Lighterthief remixes and 2 songs exclusive to this download only release.

Jen's playing has been dubbed 'high-life guitar from Venus' due to her propensity for odd time signatures, intricate fingerpicking and quirky jazz/folk sensibilities.

'Astounding allegro algorithm from Albuquerque.' - Andy Partridge

'With abstract themes, warped guitar playing, syncopated percussion and world music inspired vocals, it makes for a fascinating offering.' - Outroversion

Jen Olive - Warm Robot CD

Warm Robot is New Mexico songstress Jen Olive's APE debut.

Produced by Andy Partridge, the album is designed to beautifully befuddle your shell-likes with its strange and sultry songs of mathematical and soulful sonic architechture.

A truly beautiful thing that will unfold its layers over countless listens.

Packaged in a miniature vinyl replica sleeve.

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I SAY LOVE ep (mp3 download)
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