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andrew phillips - home (mp3 download)

Recorded and written over a period of 10 days for the BBC's acclaimed adaptation of JG Ballard's short story 'The Enormous Space' (broadcast as 'Home'), award nominated composer Andrew Phillips created a highly atmospheric ambient guitar soundtrack with sharp edges and a sense of brooding melancholy.

'Home' is about a man recovering, or failing to recover mentally, from a car crash, his resulting agoraphobia, and ultimately his descent into madness.

Echoing the narrative, the score is soaring and claustrophobic, introspective and explosive.

Phillips's emotionally charged music expands and contracts like the house in the film, and features diverse sounds such as a recording of Antarctic sea ice, a set of wineglasses, bowed guitars and cymbals.

File Size: 40.0 MB.


1 memory of a crash 1.48
2 avenue 1.05
3 burn it all 2.00
4 retroaction 1.05
5 ladder to the attic 00.53
6 numbers 00.32
7 the house reveals itself 1.34
8 exploded geometry 1.23
9 hungry 1.08
10 in the mirror 00.39
11 a visitor 1.54
12 to eat 1.24
13 drag the bones 1.37
14 you don't understand 2.09
15 sparrow 1.46
16 floating 00.50
17 kill the repair man 2.25
18 it's not what i expected 2.47
19 even next door 1.53

total running time - 30 minutes


electric guitar, mandolin, melodica, harp, celeste, wine glasses, drums & percussion, synths and samples - Andrew Phillips

Double bass - Marcus O'Dair

Oboe - John Miller

Bassoon - Daniel Sand



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