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Andrew Keeling

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Andrew Keeling & Otherworld - Hyde (cd)

Following on from the release of last year's Bells of Heaven, Hyde is the second album from Andrew Keeling & Otherworld

Featuring contributions from Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels), Dave Cottrell, Iain Cameron (Nick Drake), Jane Wilkinson, Jacob Heringman (Fretwork) and Ragamuns vocalist/guitarist David Jaggs, Otherworld is composer Keeling's alt/art rock collective.

While retaining Keeling's trademark musical sophistication, Hyde shifts Otherworld's sound into harder-edged Rock-influenced territory.

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1. Butterfly Wing
2. For the Love of a Woman
3. Unreal
4. Pleromatic - Part 1, Ryder
5. Pleromatic - Part 2, Pleroma
6. Red Mist
7. Stay Away
8. Three Uninvited Guests - Part 1, A Gift Of Scars
9. Three Uninvited Guests - Part 2, Hanging Man
10. 6s and 7s


Andrew Keeling: acoustic, electric, classical, slide and bass guitars, loops, flute, piano, keyboards, percussion, vocals on Ryder, occasional backing vocals and found objects.
Stephen Fellows: guitar solo on Butterfly Wing, guitar fills on For the Love of a Woman, guitar harmonics and vocals on Pleroma.
Dave Cottrell: drums.
Charlotte Dowding: strings.
Jane Wilkinson: vocals on Butterfly Wing, Unreal, Red Mist, 6s and 7s and backing vocal on Stay Away.
David Jaggs: lead vocal on For the Love of a Woman, Stay Away, backing vocals on Ryder, Stay Away and Red Mist and percussion on Stay Away.
Sarah Martin: narration on A Gift of Scars.
Jacob Heringman: lute on Hanging Man.
Iain Cameron: ambient textures.
Brian Taylor: opening and closing synthesizer on Butterfly Wing.



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