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Andrew Keeling

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Andrew Keeling & Otherworld - Bells Of Heaven (cd)

Although known for his classical music Andrew Keeling is also a composer of a very different kind of contemporary music.

Bells Of Heaven, Weak And Helpless and the multi-sectional In The Pages Of Mathilda, display a hard, rock influenced style, while Avarice, Otherworld, Neurosis and the Nick Drake-esque Twenty Turbines highlight Keeling's interest in Electric Folk/singer-songwriter forms.

Contains guest appearances from Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels), Tim Bowness (No-Man), violist Susanna Pell (Fretwork) and lutenist Jacob Heringman, violinist Charlotte Dowding and vocalist Jane Wilkinson.

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'Touches on genius.' - R2 magazine

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1. Bells of Heaven
2. Weak and Helpless
3. Avarice
4. Narcissus of Decor
5. The Great Divides
6. Otherworld
7. Nostalgia
8. Neurosis
9. Twenty Turbines
10. In the Pages of Mathilda


Andrew Keeling - acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitars, loops, flute, keyboards, percussion and drums, found objects and occasional vocals;

Stephen Fellows - electric guitar on Bells of Heaven (chimes and end solo) and Thanatos (top guitar) and vocals on Avarice;

Ed Hindmoor - electric guitar on Bells of Heaven;

Dave Cottrell - drums on Bells of Heaven, Weak and Helpless, Mathilda and Thanatos and keyboards on Neurosis;

Charlotte Dowding - violin on Avarice, Threnody and violin quartet on Twenty Turbines;

Jane Wilkinson - vocals on Bells of Heaven, Weak and Helpless, Narcissus of D├?┬ęcor, Otherworld, Neurosis and Mathilda;

Tim Bowness - vocals on The Great Divides and Twenty Turbines;

Jacob Heringman - lute on Epiphany;

Susanna Pell - tenor viol on Narcissus of Decor and viol consort on Nostalgia;

Sarah Martin - narration on Weak and Helpless and Epiphany;

Iain Cameron - ambient textures.



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