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Andrew Keeling - Spiritus (cd)

Spiritus is a collection of four major pieces from Andrew Keeling's Classical repertoire that focuses on the more lyrical and spiritual aspects of his work

O Ignis Spiritus is based on the transcendent works of Hildegard of Bingen and is performed by the internationally acclaimed Hilliard Ensemble (Jan Garbarek etc).

Andrew Keeling is also known as the leader of the band Otherworld, and has collaborated with the likes of Robert Fripp, Evelyn Glennie, David Cross, Tim Bowness and Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels) amongst others.

Andrew Keeling And Otherworld - Five O'Clock Sun (cd)

Andrew Keeling and Otherworld's fourth studio album includes contributions from Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels), David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator) and Tim Bowness.

Andrew Keeling & Otherworld - Hyde (cd)

Following on from the release of last year's Bells of Heaven, Hyde is the second album from Andrew Keeling & Otherworld

Featuring contributions from Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels), Iain Cameron (Nick Drake) and Jacob Heringman (Fretwork), Otherworld is composer Keeling's alt/art rock collective.

While retaining Keeling's trademark musical sophistication, Hyde shifts Otherworld's sound into harder-edged Rock-influenced territory.

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Andrew Keeling & Otherworld - For The Love Of A Woman (cd single)

For The Love Of A Woman is the first single release from Andrew Keeling's Otherworld.

Following on from the band's debut album Bells Of Heaven, the track - an excerpt from its forthcoming Hyde album - presents a harder, Rock-orientated direction from a composer more associated with orchestral works and his writings on King Crimson.

Features Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels) on guitar and mixing.

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Andrew Keeling - The Wine Of Silence - The Scores (book)

A companion release to the DGM/Panegyric CD of the same name, The Wine of Silence book is a facsimile collection of Andrew Keeling's written scores of his orchestral arrangements of Robert Fripp's solo Soundscapes.

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Robert Fripp / Andrew Keeling / David Singleton - The Wine of Silence (Orchestral Soundscapes) (cd)

Since the early 1990s, Robert Fripp has utilised the latest in looping technology and digital effects to create Soundscapes, a gradually unfolding, highly textured, expansive and overtly symphonic music.

The Wine of Silence is the first album to feature orchestral arrangements of Fripp's groundbreaking work in this field.

Orchestrated by composer Andrew Keeling, performed by the Metropole Orkest and subjected to post-production re-imagining by David Singleton, the results of this inspired collaboration evoke the works of Part, Gorecki, Tavener and the 'holy minimalist' school of composition.

The Wine Of Silence comprises a sublime and moving collection of contemporary orchestral music.

"Their shimmering tonality encompasses luminous passages of yearning melody, turbulent percussive rumblings, glowering,
sepulchral brass undertows and achingly beautiful strings." - Sid Smith

Andrew Keeling - Unquiet Earth (cd)

Four contemporary Classical pieces by Andrew Keeling performed by The Bingham String Quartet, The Contact Ensemble, Steve Bingham (No-Man) and The Valen Trio respectively.

"This should establish Andrew Keeling without question as a leading figure in the classical music of our time." - Alison Prince

Andrew Keeling & Otherworld - Bells Of Heaven (cd)

Although known for his classical music Andrew Keeling is also a composer of a very different kind of contemporary music.

Bells Of Heaven, Weak And Helpless and the multi-sectional In The Pages Of Mathilda, display a hard, rock influenced style, while Avarice, Otherworld, Neurosis and the Nick Drake-esque Twenty Turbines highlight Keeling's interest in Electric Folk/singer-songwriter forms.

Contains guest appearances from Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels), Tim Bowness (No-Man) and others.

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Andrew Keeling - First Things (cd)

Andrew Keeling's First Things is a collection of acoustic-based songs which Andrew refers to as, 'musical short stories linked together by the accidents of memory'.

Andrew Keeling - In the Shadow - Glimpsing the Creative Unconscious - Volume 1 of The DGM Diaries (1999 - 2002) (book)

Initiated by Robert Fripp, Andrew Keeling's Diary was envisaged as being a record of a living composer: one who bridged the Classical, Rock and Folk idioms.

Alongside illuminating the minutiae of the creative process, the diaries also shed light on Keeling's involvement with Fripp's record label, Discipline Global Mobile, his Soundscapes orchestrations and the creation of the King Crimson Musical Guides.

"The diaries provide both macro and micro views of the composer's world. Alongside musings on John Cage's influence on contemporary culture, the merits of "popular" music, or reflections upon the contradictions of a post-modern world, we see how everyday life tugs and pulls upon the creative process. " - Sid Smith

Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to Larks' Tongues In Aspic by King Crimson (book)

Generously illustrated with photographs and musical notation diagrams, this is the third in the series of Andrew Keeling's informative and insightful guides to the secret mechanics that power the mysterious music of King Crimson.

"Dr. Keeling continues to bring his critical skills to bear in this, the latest in his series of Musical Guides. A necessary addition to the shelves of anyone interested in approaching the music of King Crimson." -Robert Fripp.

"This is a distinctively personal, affectionate but utterly convincing musical analysis and it is a ground-breaking piece of musicology." - David Cross.

Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to In The Wake of Poseidon by King Crimson and McDonald and Giles by McDonald and Giles (Book)

Andrew Keeling's second guide to the work of King Crimson provides an informative insight into the innovative music of one of the most uncompromising Rock groups of all time.

The guide takes you through the complexities of the music revealing the unique harmonies, counterpoints and rhythms that went together to make "In The Wake Of Poseidon" and "McDonald and Giles".

Generously illustrated with photographs and musical notation diagrams.

"King Crimson is fortunate to have its music as expertly considered as this." - Robert Fripp

Andrew Keeling - Musical Guide to In The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson (Book)

Andrew Keeling's essential guide provides a revealing insight into the complexities of King Crimson's startling debut album.

"Comprehensive and authoratative." - Sid Smith

"The guide is stunning, an exemplary piece of work. It sets a standard in the field." - Robert Fripp

David Cross and Andrew Keeling - English Sun - Electric Chamber Music, Volume 2 (cd)

Flautist Andrew Keeling and former King Crimson violinist David Cross collaborate on a series of ethereal improvisations.

An exquisite collection of melodic and adventurous electric violin and flute duets, English Sun is a perfect example of Electric Chamber Music at its most beguiling.

andrew keeling - blue dawn

'Blue Dawn' is the latest collection by acclaimed British composer, Andrew Keeling.

Andrew's second release on Burning Shed (following 'Reclaiming Eros'), 'Blue Dawn' represents the more meditative and spiritual side of Andrew's work and includes performances by Holland's 3-Orm, Scottish-based ensemble TripleSec, theorboist Matthew Wadsworth and pianist Steven Wray.

A piece from 1992, 'Distant Skies, Mountains and Shadows', is placed alongside more recent works: 'Mirare for theorbo', 'Petit Requiem pour Basil' for narrator, flute and piano and 'Blue Dawn' for solo piano.

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andrew keeling - reclaiming eros (cdr)

Written between 2000 - 2004 and including performances by highly respected ensembles and musicians such as Gothic Voices, Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort, Stor Quartet, Jacob Heringman, Catherine King, Susanna Pell and Abigail James, 'Reclaiming Eros' represents the second recorded collection of chamber, solo instrumental and vocal works by composer Andrew Keeling (known for his acclaimed orchestral re-workings of Robert Fripp and King Crimson material).



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