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signalsundertests - mecca (CD)

"We don't get a lot of electronic music coming our way at Guitar International, and I have to admit that my own lack of experience with the genre left me with stereotypes and misconceptions of a genre that is often labeled on one side of the spectrum as club music, and on the other, academic based composition. When Ricky Graham's new [project] Signals Under Tests came across my desk, I was a bit hesitant at first because of the genre label, but man am I ever glad that I sat down and gave this record a chance. It has turned out to not only be a very enjoyable listening experience, but has also opened my eyes and ears to the electronic genre, especially the guitar's role in this music. Having said that, this album is not for every guitar fan, and more traditional listeners may not fully grasp the concepts that Graham is bringing together with this recording. But, don't let a genre label prevent you from checking out new music. The album is masterfully composed, expertly arranged and is not only intellectually stimulating, it is just plain fun to listen to. Though there are certain aspects of the instrument that some fans may miss with this modern and personalized approach, Graham also opens up many doors to new sounds and playing techniques that one wouldn't normally think of when checking out an instrumental record."


1. mecca 04:50
2. #000000 03:00
3. pushpull (feat. david whitaker) 05:00
4. #FFFFFF 03:05
5. mecca (jking remix) 04:10
6. #339900 (live in antwerp) 04:35
7. glisten (feat. michl britsch & minna twice) 04:47


signalsundertests would like to thank the arts council of northern ireland, rhubarb recordings, peers, family and friends for enabling us to make this record.

all music written and produced by ricky graham*

mastered by john king & 2bit
artwork by robbie graham

*#339900 recorded by ronald mari├źn at arenberg, antwerp 06.03.10

*vocals by david whitaker, minna twice, & michl britsch
additional samples provided by michl britsch
percussion provided by lorenz schimpf



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