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A Marble Calm

A Marble Calm is a loose collective formed around the nucleus of multi-instrumentalist Peter Chilvers and marimba / vibraphone player Jon Hart, occasionally supplemented by vocalists including No-Man's Tim Bowness, Alias Grace's Sandra O'Neill and Steve Adey.

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A Marble Calm Downloads

a marble calm - submerging flutes

An alternative version of the final track from ?Surfacing? with Theo Travis on Flutes joining the core duo of Peter Chilvers and Jon Hart.

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a marble calm - extracts from surfacing (free mp3 download)

The two extracts from a marble calm's debut album 'surfacing' are comprised of a shorter edit of 'another world' featuring tim bowness on vocals and guitar, and alternative version of 'winter's voice', featuring theo travis and sandra o'neill.

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a marble calm - ringinglow (mp3 download)

Written especially for mp3 release, this mesmerising and brooding 12 minute instrumental gently interweaves orchestral textures with piano, vibraphone and guitar.

a marble calm - restless

Shimmering guitars, marimba textures and found sounds form a backdrop for Chilvers' wandering electric piano and fretless bass in a meditative instrumental that recalls Labradford and Harold Budd.

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From submerging flutes (download)

From ringinglow (download)

From restless (download)