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Jurojin - The Living Measure Of Time (cd)

Jurojin's debut mini-album from 2010 The Living Measure Of Time uniquely combines Eastern musical influences and Progressive Metal stylings.


Jurojin is a five-piece experimental rock music group from London, England formed in early 2008. The band incorporates various influences into its sound, including progressive rock, Indian Classical, and Metal.

Jurojin is notable in its field for counting among its members a classically trained Tabla player. The 2010 launch of Jurojin's first album, The Living Measure Of Time, saw the band favoured by critics for balancing musically and rhythmically complex compositions with a distinctly accessible sound.

In 2012, the band parted ways with vocalist James Alper and have since been working with renowned violinist Anna Phoebe as writing partners for her current project. They can be heard on the brilliant Between The Shadow And The Soul.


1. Ingress (1.53)
2. The Scars (3.10)
3. The Liar (5.32)
4. Proem (4.22)
5. The Winter (4.18)
6. The Equinox (4.18)
7. The Dreaming (6.37)


Jurojin is:

Nicolas Rizzi - Guitar / producer
Francesco Lucidi - Drums
Yves Fernandez - Bass
Simran Ghalley - Tabla

Former members:

James Alper - Vox

All tracks mixed and mastered by Drew Mazurek in Baltimore USA.



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