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Ian Boddy - As Above So Below (cd)

Boddy combines Ambient, Classical and Electronic styles to create music with a truly cinematic quality on this suite of 6 tracks.

Various Artists - iNDEX05 (cd)

iNDEX05 is the fifth DiN compilation album and includes two tracks each from the titles DiN41 - 49.

Marking the landmark 50th physical release on the DiN label, iNDEX05 is an excellent introduction to one of the World's foremost Ambient/Electronica labels.

Pre-order for 24th June release.

Out of stock.

Ian Boddy - Tone Science (cd)

Electronic composer Ian Boddy's most experimental release to date, featuring five self-playing analogue generative soundscapes.

Old school experiments with fresh results!

Ian Boddy - Pearl (double cd)

Released as a limited edition of 1000 copies and presented in a beautifully designed digipak, Pearl is a career-spanning two cd compilation of the music of revered electronic musician Ian Boddy.

ian boddy - chiasmata (cd)

Chiasmata was recorded during Boddy's concert at the planetarium of the National Space Centre, Leicester, UK on 1st November 2003.

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ian boddy - slide (CD)

Slide is the studio album follow-up to Elemental (DiN25) and is the sixteenth full solo CD release by DiN label boss Ian Boddy.

Parallel Worlds and Self Oscillate - World Adapter (cd)

Combining complex modulations and intricate rhythms with beguiling, simple melodies, four years in the making, World Adaptor is awash with the captivating sounds and textures of classic analogue synthesisers.

subsonic experience - praposition (cd)

Improvisation from Centrozoon's Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Thorsten Niestrath.

Out of stock.

dbkaos - art of sacrifice (CD)

Art of Sacrifice slots nicely into the DiN pantheon whilst retaining it's own individual character. Lush, ambient textures are overtaken by frenetic, complex sequencers.

Out of stock.

boddy / wöstheinrich - moire (cd)

DiN label founder Ian Boddy formed a new creative partnership with with Centrozoon's Bernhard Wöstheinrich to create a blend of ethereal ambient textures counter-balanced by solid rhythmic structures.

Out of stock.

tetsu inoue - yolo (cd)

Based in New York and with over 40 albums to his credit, including collaborations with such left-field luminaries as Bill Laswell, Atom Heart, Peter Namlook and Jonah Sharp, Tetsu Inoue has established himself as a musician equally comfortable in the contrasting worlds of ambient, sound installation, and computer music.

surface 10 - surface tensions (cd)

Dean De Benedictis, aka Surface 10, is a Southern California based composer. He melds his interests in a variety of musical styles and concepts ranging from experimental electronica to ambient, IDM (intelligent dance music) to progressive jazz, and beyond, in order to produce a very distinctive sound.

parallel worlds - obsessive surrealism (cd)

The music of Parallel Worlds is a combination of dreamy, atmospheric textures and pure analogue electronic rhythms and sequences, combining the feel of 70's electronic music with modern electronica and ambient music. Steady, organic rhythmic structures are overlaid with deceptively simple melodies that remind one of some lost John Carpenter soundtrack.

Out of stock.

parallel worlds - shade (cd)

The music of Parallel Worlds is a combination of dreamy, atmospheric textures and pure analogue electronic rhythms and sequences, combining the feel of 70's electronic music with modern electronica and ambient music. Steady, organic rhythmic structures are overlaid with deceptively simple melodies that remind one of some lost John Carpenter soundtrack.

hoffmann-hoock and wostheinrich - conundrum (cd)

Unique musical collaboration between well known German space guitarist Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock (Mind Over Matter / Cosmic Hoffmann) and Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Centrozoon / The Redundant Rocker) with contributions from Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy.

erik wollo & bernhard wostheinrich - arcadia borealis (cd)

Norwegian ambient artist Erik Wollo in collaboration with DiN / Centrozoon stalwart Bernhard Wostheinrich. A beautiful, atmospheric album inspired by the early arctic explorers.

Mazmoneth - Music by Mirrors (cd)

"Music by Mirrors" is the first release on the DiN label by the duo Mazmoneth.

Dave Bessell - Black Horses Of The Sun (CD)

Black Hoses Of The Sun is the second solo from Dave Bessell, one of the founding members of the influential electronic 'analogue supergroup', Node.

Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wostheinrich - Weltenuhr (CD)

The second DiN label collaboration between Norwegian ambient guitarist Erik Wollo and German synthesist Bernhard Wostheinrich (Centrozoon).

ARC - Umbra (CD)

A 2013 ARC performance at the E-Live festival in Oirschot, the Netherlands.

The duo of electronic pioneers - Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve - at their exploratory best.

Node - Node 2 (CD)

Synth supergroup Node return with their first new release since 1995 with their vast arsenal of vintage analogue equipment.

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Colour Division (cd)

Colour Division sees Ian Boddy once again collaborating with Markus Reuter (Stick Men/Centrozoon etc).

Reuter's trademark guitar looped soundscapes are in evidence as are Boddy's ambient tapestries of sound in this fine addition to the duo's output.

Ian Boddy - Liverdelphia (cd)

Album release of Boddy's concerts from the Gatherings, Philadelphia & the Capstone Theatre, Liverpool.

Out of stock.

Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell - Morphogenic (cd)

Morphogenic sees a new collaborative project between DiN favourite Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell of Node.

Out of stock.

Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo - Frontiers (CD)

Panoramic chords, analogue sequencer rhythms and vast electro-landscapes populate this evocative new recording from synth guru Ian Boddy and ace guitarist, Erik Wollo.

Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds - Exit Strategy (CD)

A linked suite of seven pieces comprising pulsing analogue percussion layers, warm soundscapes, sweet melodies and Boddy's unique glissando keyboard sound, this is the debut collaboration between DiN label boss Ian Boddy & Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros (aka Parallel Worlds).

Out of stock.

arc - church (cd)

The concert ARC (Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve) played in St.Mary's Church, Philadelphia showcasing their style of retro analogue synths & sequencers.

markus reuter and ian boddy - dervish (CD)

Ian Boddy and Markus Reuter?s most challenging studio collaboration to date.

Dervish pushes beyond the usual comfort zones of electronic and ambient music. You may have heard Boddy and Reuter before but you?ve never heard them like this. Also featuring King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto.

robert rich and ian boddy - react (cd)

React is the third collaboration between American ambient pioneer Robert Rich and DiN label boss Ian Boddy and is a record of their June 2007 performance at the Star?s End Radio Show 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert in Philadelphia.

arc - fracture (cd)

Two of the founding fathers of the UK Electronic Music (Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve) scene recording together as ARC create a heady mix of retro style sequencing, quirky melodics and deep space ambience.

Out of stock.

ian boddy - elemental (cd)

Elemental is Ian Boddy's new studio album. He has run the DiN label since 1999 and having worked with a diverse stable of musicians he has distilled their influences to startling effect in what is his most rhythmic, melodic and structured set of compostions for quite some time.

Out of stock.

radio massacre international - septentrional (cd)

Radio Massacre International ( RMI ) comprises Steve Dinsdale (keyboards, electronics, drums), Duncan Goddard (keyboards, electronics, bass) and Gary Houghton (guitar, keyboards). This is their first album on the DiN label and sees label boss Ian Boddy remixing their long, free-form improvisations into a DiN friendly format.

Out of stock.

robert rich / ian boddy - lithosphere (cd)

"Lithosphere" is the second collaborative release between DiN label boss Ian Boddy & American ambient pioneer Robert Rich. "Lithosphere" has an earthy, organic quality that is centered around Rich's signature lap steel guitar voicings and deep bass machinations of his analogue MOTM modular system.

Out of stock.

DiN - index02 label sampler (cd)

Featuring a continuous mix of music especially compiled by DiN founder Ian Boddy, this is the second DiN sampler album and is a successor to the disc included with the June 2001 issue of The Wire.

A low-price introduction containing 78 minutes of atmospheric and pulsing Electronica from the likes of Markus Reuter and Ian Boddy, the CD is presented in a beautifully designed cardboard wallet.

Out of stock.

arc - arcturus (cd)

Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve once again combine forces for their fourth outing as the duo ARC. Arcturus is a recording from one of their rare live performances at the Hampshire Jam III festival in October 2004.

reuter / boddy - pure (cd)

Arguably the UK?s leading independent electronic music maestro Ian Boddy has teamed up once again with German touch guitarist, Markus Reuter to create a stunning new album called Pure.
Although Boddy and Reuter have collaborated in concert (at Jodrell Bank in 1999 and the E-Live Festival in Eindhoven 2000), Pure represents their second proper studio outing since their impressive 1999 debut, Distant Rituals.

Out of stock.

arc - blaze (CD)

"Blaze" is the third CD release by ARC and their second CD on the DiN label. The duo is comprised of DiN founder Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve and the pair are joined on the album by guest musician Carl Brooker who plays drums on four of the discs eight tracks.

ian boddy - aurora (cd)

Whilst the familiar sonic territory of Boddy's love of analogue synthesis is well represented on "Aurora" he has further extended his tonal palette by embracing cutting edge software synthesis. This is particularly evident on Vox Lumina, conceived entirely in software using Metasynth and Pluggo to create strange, microtonal vocal rhythms. With "Aurora" Boddy has once again proved that his music continues to evolve with an album that combines his analogue heritage with 21st century sonic explorations.

Out of stock.

robert rich / ian boddy - outpost (cd)

"Outpost" is the first collaboration between British synthesist Ian Boddy and American recording artist Robert Rich. Together, Rich and Boddy have concocted a mysterious blend of fluid electronic rhythms and impressionistic 50's Sci-Fi soundscapes.

Out of stock.

boddy / reuter / mullaney - triptych (cd)

Boddy, Reuter and Mullaney offer a seamless blend of improvisation and composition in this latest disc taken from their appearance at the E-Live 2000 Festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Out of stock.

centrozoon - blast (cd)

Blast contains four epic soundscapes that are ambient in intent but with unusual sequencer under-scores. Mixed by Ian Boddy this album should appeal to anyone who liked Distant Rituals.

Out of stock.

ian boddy / markus reuter - distant rituals (cd)

Markus Reuter is a member of the eclectic Europa String Choir and Centrozoon. Playing 8 string touch guitar Reuter bends notes and blends tones with Ian Boddy's sublime atmospherics. Watch the goose bumps rise as dense dark cloudscapes give way to luminous bliss in this fascinating collaboration.

Out of stock.

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