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Welcome to Burning Shed 24, Burning Shed's high resolution audiophile download store.

The downloads are encoded at 24bit/48kHz (some at 24bit/96kHz)

Please note, you will require a compatible media player and a technical knowledge to enable you to play and manage music in this high-resolution format.

We cannot offer any support for playing and / or converting.

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24bit FLAC Store

TesseracT - Polaris (24bit 44.1khz download) (flac download)

Polaris - from 2015 - is the third album from Metal innovators TesseracT and its first on the Kscope label.

24bit 44.1khz FLAC download version.

Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. (flac download)

'Hand. Cannot. Erase.' is the fourth studio album from Steven Wilson.

FLAC 24/96 stereo download.

uxb - everything is under control (flac download)

8 years after White House, Black Ash, UXB returns with a collection of late-night electro-ruminations.

Taking inspiration from Cold War-era paranoia, Everything Is Under Control combines Trip Hop, Indie and Ambient influences; fusing electronics with live instruments.

Tim Bowness, Peter Chilvers and Mike Bearpark guest.

24-bit/44.1khz FLAC version.

IAnson - In Chances Of Light (flac download)

In Chances Of Light is the debut album from i'Anson.

Packed with personal memories, evoking one man's relationship with a wild and immutable landscape, and written and produced on the magical island of Jura in Scotland, it features Hugh Carswell with percussionist Steve Jansen, jazz bassist Dudley Phillips and the Scottish Ensemble (among others).

FLAC 24bit / 96kHz download

Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) (flac download)

The flac 24bit/96khz download edition of the astonishing 2013 studio album from Steven Wilson.

Please note this download doesn't have associated artwork.

Lee Fletcher (with Markus Reuter and Lisa Fletcher) - Faith in Worthless Things (flac download)

The debut solo album by producer, songwriter, and musician Lee Fletcher, featuring Lisa Fletcher and Markus Reuter, plus an eclectic array of supporting musicians including BJ Cole, Tim Motzer, Luca Calabrese, and Robert Fripp.

This is a digital download WAV 24bit/96Khz download including PDF booklet

"Incredible production, gorgeous vocals and impeccable instrumentation. There's nothing here not to love." (Vince Font - Progopolis Radio Show)

Anathema - Weather Systems (24bit 48khz 5.1 flac download)

Anathema's Weather Systems is the follow-up to the band's hugely successful We're Here Because We're Here.

Produced and mixed by Christer-Andre Cederberg (Animal Alpha, In the Woods...) and featuring Lee Douglas in a more prominent role, Danny Cavanagh has said of the new release, "It feels like we're at a creative peak right now, and this album reflects that. Everything from the production to the writing to the performances are a step up from our previous work."

The 24bit/48khz 5.1 flac format edition.

Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning (flac 24bit/48kHz download)

Grace For Drowning is Steven Wilson's second album and develops further the uncompromising creativity evident on his highly regarded debut, Insurgentes.

A double album ("Two 40-45 minute albums in the same package."), Wilson describes the release as, "My biggest project to date."

Comes with downloadable artwork.

Porcupine Tree - The Incident (flac 24bit/96kHz download)

Porcupine Tree fuse prog rock's '70s, with its ambitious 10-minute-plus suites and bombast, and its more refined, rock heavy '80s, into a unique contemporary sound.

2009's The Incident is comprised of a single long song that features many different movements, followed by a handful of shorter compositions to close the album.

A modern classic.

Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet (flac 24bit/48kHz download)

Porcupine Tree's critically acclaimed 2007 album features six epic tracks that form part of a song-cycle that deals with, "A 21st century cocktail of MTV, sex, prescription drugs, video games, the internet, terminal boredom, and subsequent escape."

Includes printable artwork.

Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun (flac 24bit/48kHz download)

Originally released in 2000, this album contains the original studio versions of Porcupine Tree classics such as Shesmovedon, Russia On Ice, Hatesong, and Feel So Low.

This is the 24bit edition of Lightbulb Sun

Includes downloadable artwork.

Porcupine Tree - Atlanta (24bit flac download)

Recorded and mixed to the usual PT standards, this download comprises a complete 2 hour live performance from the Fear of a Blank Planet tour and features the first ever officially released live recording of "A Smart Kid".

Please note that all Porcupine Tree's and Burning Shed's profits from the sale of the Atlanta 24 bit Flac download will go the Teenage Cancer Trust (www.teenagecancertrust.org).

As these are large files, we advise that people download no more than two files simultaneously. Please refer to the Burning Shed Download Help section regarding 24 bit Flac downloads.



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