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Steven Wilson

Transience (double vinyl)

All of the UK orders for Transience have been shipped and we've started shipping copies to the Rest of World and Europe.

Take a picture of yourself with your LP when it arrives and post it on Burning Shed's Facebook page or send it to us on Twitter using the hashtag #sleeveface

The best photo will win a Burning Shed t-shirt !

Shipping now.

Gentle Giant - Kerry Minnear

Octopus (cd/blu-ray / cd pre-orders) / Signed Photograph

There's now a 2 minute Octopus promo film on the Burning Shed Octopus pages, especially created by Ray Shulman. Pre-order for 30th October release.

Also available and shipping now - A black and white photograph of Gentle Giant's resident keyboard genius Kerry Minnear. (taken in Advision Studios London, circa 1972).


Suburban Ghosts (cd pre-order)

The considerable talents of Geoff Downes (Yes, Buggles) and Chris Braide (The Producers, This Oceanic Feeling) combine yet again on the Downes Braide Association's second album, the conceptual Suburban Ghosts (which includes the three part title track).

Pre-order for November 6th release.

Guy Garvey

Courting The Squall (cd / vinyl pre-orders)

Guy Garvey - Elbow frontman and one of Britain's most distinctive vocalists and lyricists - presents Courting The Squall, his debut solo album.

Recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios near Bath and Blueprint Studios in Salford, the album features a band created by Guy from his, 'favourite musicians outside Elbow'. Unlike Elbow, where democracy has always ruled, this is an album where Garvey embraced the freedom to do exactly what he felt throughout.

Pre-order for 30th October release.

Anthony Reynolds

Japan - A Foreign Place (The Biography 1974-1984) (book pre-order)

We are pleased to announce that all UK book sales through Burning Shed now count towards the official book charts.

Our first publishing venture 'A Foreign Place' (written with the full approval and co-operation of Richard Barbieri, Steve Jansen and Rob Dean) is a deluxe hardback edition designed by Carl Glover and stands a good chance of getting into the Top 30 (Hardback General) on the week of release. If you haven't ordered it yet, be quick and the book might make the Top 20!

'A Foreign Place' is available only through Burning Shed and all pre-order copies of the deluxe edition are signed by the author Anthony Reynolds.

Shipping from the first week of October.

Tame Impala

Currents (cd/double lp)

The critically acclaimed third album by Australian Psych Rockers Tame Impala.

Available as a CD in digipak and double vinyl in gatefold.

Shipping now.

Caligula's Horse

Bloom (cd / vinyl pre-order)

The third studio album by Australian progressive alternative rock band Caligula's Horse and its first for the Inside Out label.

Bloom presents a powerful music that bridges the gap between dynamic riffing, meaningful songwriting and instrumental prowess.

Available on cd in digipak and black vinyl (with cd).

Pre-order for 16th October release.