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Porcupine Tree

Octane Twisted (special edition pre-order)

Porcupine Tree's live double cd release Octane Twisted features The Incident in its entirety, recorded in Chicago.

The second CD contains highlights from the band's landmark show at Royal Albert Hall.

This special edition of Octane Twisted includes a bonus DVD video of The Incident performed live in Chicago and is available exclusively from Burning Shed.

Please note, the versions on Amazon and other websites are 2-disc. We won't be stocking the 2-disc version until this edition has sold out.

As with Get All You Deserve, it is possible that Octane Twisted will sell out during its pre-release period, so we recommend customers purchase early.

Pre-order now for 19th November release date

Silje Leirvik

With The Lights Turned Out So Beautiful (cd pre-order)

A collection of darkly-captivating songs, featuring the intimate allure of Silje's Leirvik's unique voice and the superb arrangements of Rhys Marsh.

The first release on Marsh's Autumnsongs imprint, With The Lights Turned Out So Beautiful is an album of dramatic and emotional contrasts tied together by a combination of dynamic arrangements and haunting orchestrations, where walls of guitars and luscious string sections collide with ghostly Mellotron tones and atmospherics.

Scandinavian Noir made music.

With The Lights Turned Out So Beautiful is presented in a mini-lp style gatefold sleeve and contains a 12 page booklet.

Pre-order now for 12th November release.


Night (cd pre-order)

A deluxe re-mastered double cd edition of the most celebrated album by acclaimed Norwegian post-progressive band, Gazpacho.

Consisting of one long song in five parts, Night was the band's first major conceptual work.

Packaged in a digi-book, the second disc features powerful live versions of Night's opening three tracks.

Pre-order now for 15th October release date.

John Hackett

Moonspinner (cd pre-order)

Comprising flute and acoustic guitar instrumentals, Moonspinner is a continuation of the delicate and melodic Classical/Progressive hybrid releases Sketches of Satie (with Steve Hackett), Velvet Afternoon and Prelude to Summer.

Moonspinner contains 14 John Hackett compositions, plus Debussy's Syrinx for solo flute and JS Bach's Andante from BWV 1034.

'A beautiful album. Uplifting, beguiling and utterly charming.' - DPRP

Pre-order now for 29th October shipping.

Neil Campbell

Ghost Stories (cd pre-order)

Neil Campbell's Ghost Stories is an entrancing suite of music featuring Campbell's sensitive neo-Classical guitar, Anne Traft's soaring operatic voice and Michael Beiert's delicate synth textures.

Ghost Stories draws inspiration from French impressionistic composers Debussy and Satie, ambient pioneers Harold Budd and Brian Eno, and the guitarists, Pat Metheny and Steve Hackett.

'Echoes Steve Hackett's best solo acoustic work (with and post-Genesis), 20th century chamber music, and jazz guitarist Pat Metheny.' - Progression

'A very beautiful set of songs reminiscent of the lighter side of Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips and Karda Estra.' - Progressive Ears

Pre-order now for 29th October shipping.


Unfolk (re-mastered double cd edition)

Shifting from acoustic intimacy to metallic rage and from raga to dark electronics, Alessandro Monti's 2006 debut release as Unfolk combined unorthodox music for mandolin, with ethnic percussion, violin and a variety of guitars/electronic processes.

This expanded edition is re-mastered by Jon Astley and features extra tracks, plus a bonus cd of live material by the Unfolk Collective.

The exclusive live cd contains excerpts from both live performances of The Venetian Book Of The Dead in Venice and Leicester, and includes special guest Kevin Hewick on vocals and guitar.

Presented in a deluxe 6 panel digipak.

Steve Hackett

Genesis Revisited II
(limited double cd media book edition pre-order)

Steve Hackett's second homage to his time with Genesis features performances from a stellar line-up including Steven Wilson, John Wetton, Nick Beggs, Mikael Akerfeldt and Steve Rothery (amongst many others).

The song selection includes tasteful reinterpretations of 1970s Genesis classics such as Supper's Ready, The Lamia, The Musical Box and Entangled.

Pre-order now for October 22nd shipping.

Steven Wilson


In a year that has brought Octane Twisted, Get All You Deserve and Love And Endings, we thought it appropriate to launch a Steven Wilson Live store containing all the available live albums featuring Steven Wilson in his various guises.

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