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King Crimson

The Elements Of King Crimson - 2016 Tour Box (double cd pre-order)

A companion to the successful 2014 and 2015 Tour Boxes, the 2016 Elements Tour Box was previously only available at venues on King Crimson's sold-out 2016 European tour.

Elements 2016 represents a fascinating 'alternative' audio history of King Crimson featuring extracts from rehearsals, live recordings, elements from studio recordings, full tracks, alternate takes and finished recordings recorded between 1969-2015. Many of the pieces are making their first appearance on CD and every KC line-up is featured on the double cd set.

The Tour Box also provides tantalising hints of forthcoming King Crimson releases.

Packaged in a DVD-sized fold out digipak style book case with a 24 page booklet including sleeve notes by co-compiler Sid Smith, photos of memorabilia, full info about the 2016 tour and a number of band and individual photos of the current band line-up.

Pre-order for 4th November release. The companion 2014 and 2015 Tour Box releases are in stock and shipping now.

King Crimson

2016 Tour Merchandise (various formats)

Previously only available at venues on King Crimson's sold-out 2016 European tour, the 2016 European Tour programme, mug, and plectrum set are now in stock.

The five KC guitar picks feature images from In The Court, Larks' Tongues, Red and Discipline, plus 'The Cyclops’.

Shipping now. Limited stock.

Big Big Train

English Electric (double cd pre-order)

Burning Shed is delighted to announce that it is now hosting the official Big Big Train store.

The first release is a mid-priced 2016 edition of English Electric which retains the extended track listing of the now deleted English Electric Full Power release.

This new version has been remastered by Rob Aubrey to ensure the songs benefit from even greater dynamic range.

Double cd in softpack with 40 page booklet including lyrics.

Pre-order for 28th October release.

Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki

ESP - Invisible Din (cd pre-order)

The debut album and band project from producer / guitarist Tony Lowe and ace session drummer Mark Brzezicki.

Invisible Din is a symphonic progressive rock concept album that takes inspiration from the likes of Genesis, King Crimson, Alan Parsons, Brand X, Yes, and Roger Waters.

Special guests include David Cross, David Jackson, Phil Spalding, Steve Gee, and John Young

Pre-order for 11th November release.

Animals As Leaders

The Madness Of Many (cd pre-order)

The 2016 studio album from Animals As Leaders, the extraordinary Jazz/Progressive/Metal instrumental fusion band.

Pre-order for 11th November release.