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Hatwise Choice

Brilliant though the band's two studio albums may have been, Hatfield were even better live (on a good night anyway!), and at last here's some substantial evidence of that... my favourite band ever - and I know I'm not alone in thinking so. Aymeric Leroy

Live is where this band shone. Inventive improvisation, searing solos, particularly from Dave Stewart and his ever humane keyboard playing as well as Phil Miller's richly melodic guitar lines... when everything gelled, well, it rocked. Noel Sidebottom

... the bonkers electronics of Blane Over Paris, the wild and hairy Amsterdamage 11/19... What is striking about Hatwise Choice, which is rough and ready compared to their more manicured studio albums, is how young and brash the Hatfields were, playing rhythmically complex and harmonically sophisticated music as if it were rock'n'roll. John L. Walters, The Guardian

Probably the best-loved of the so-called 'Canterbury' bands, over the years. Jonathan Coe

What a gorgeous CD - 68 minutes of musical bliss. Thank you Hatfields - and please let's have vol. 2 real soon. Andrew Robertson

Joyous - worth paying double for the first two tracks alone Phil Dent

Great CD, first class service - thanks! Simon

This is the best-packaged CD that I have ever come across. The music has so much of the feelgood factor and so much joy in it. The ultimate supergroup - in all senses. Peter Johansen

IMHO, this is the most important Canterbury release of the past twenty-five years. There is not one disappointing second on this CD. It is simply essential. Steven W. Brown

Congrats on the success of Hatwise Choice. Very good sound and some funny moments such as 'Son Of Plate Smashing Dog'! Liner notes and history are outstanding. Jeff Melton

Hatwise Choice demonstrates a live aspect of this much-loved band that I was not aware of. The CD has the most inventive and inspired music that I've heard in a long time. Mauro, Italy

Received Hatwise Choice today. What a fine release this is. Each Canterbury fan should get it! Great work Burning Shed! Thanks Hatfields - my brother took me to a concert of yours in Belgium just before The Rotters' Club came out. It really influenced my life! Dirk V.

What a great album from this GREAT band, the best buy for many, many years. A must for all music lovers (not only Canterbury freaks). Hans Voigt (Norway)

Most important album to be released in decades! I have several thousand albums - but this one easily fits in the top five (together with the two Hatfield studio albums). Michael (Sweden)

Just received my copy today, and it's stunning. Packaging and sound are top notch. Can't wait for Vol. 2! Robert Carlberg

Just listened to Hatfield's Hatwise Choice - what a pleasure to hear this material after all these years. Fantastic! Simon K.

Fabulous - I have waited for decades for some more of his superb material and here it finally is! Keep it coming... Guy Manning

This music has been important for almost 30 years! Billy Davis

What a gorgeous CD - 68 minutes of musical bliss. Thank you Hatfields - and please let's have vol. 2 real soon. Andrew Robertson

Finally... such great music... we hope for more to come. René du Vinage

This is amazing! I too cannot wait for Vol 2. I am so grateful for this album, the 30 year wait was well worth it! Philly (Germany)

I can't tell you how happy I am that these recordings are finally being made available. Jeff Melton

Superb. Simply that. Lifelong fan. Bring on Vol. 2. Will pay the extra again for the chaps' scribble on the cover, but tragically I've no idea why. Pete Turnpenney

Everything that was great and fun in English music of the Seventies on one reasonably-priced piece of plastic. Ian Chippett


Thrilled when 'Hatwise Choice' came out - but 'Hattitude' is even better, if that's possible. The sound is great, the playing is terrific. Can Vol. 3 beat this? Simon, Canterbury

It's rather wonderful. I think you'll agree! Andrew Robertson

Just like its predecessor, one of the most essential live albums never released during the '70s! Only... it´s even better!!! Bring on Volume 3! Christian Isendahl

... even better than its superb predecessor which is not surprising considering how much effort Pip put into it. Worth buying for the sleevenotes and photos alone. Ian Chippett

The Hatfields are a band that I keep returning to. Their music is a very personal and idiosyncratic blend of tasteful components. Even against these incredibly high standards, the archival releases provide more pleasure and insight: great sound, sequencing and packaging as well as the odd surprise. Give us more! Hindrik

Absolutely jaw-dropping. Still gobsmacked by the sheer aural power and telepathy in these tracks. All the more poignant with Pip's passing... especially the montage he put together. The live tracks are a revelation as well... incredible luck to have them in such great quality. On a rating of ten stars?... eleven. Right across the board... bravo to all involved in making this happen. Tangerine Pete

Goose bumps. This is a disc I will keep returning to for the rest of my life. Rest in peace, Pip Pyle. Michael

You can't help but smile when you hear the Hatfields. This band, even their sessions, brighten up any day. The quality was far better than I expected. Wonderful stuff and, like others, I look forward to the 3rd instalment. Peter

Wonderful stuff. Can't get enough of it. Here's hoping for a 3rd CD. Philly

Have had a wonderful day listening to 'Hattitude', which arrived this morning. I'd say the live selections were even better than the ones on 'Hatwise'. The studio session stuff was also great. Volume 3 eagerly awaited! Nick Ellison

My copy arrived today and it's wonderful... I'm looking forward to the third volume. Simon


Live on stage, La Faute-sur-Mer, France, July 1973.

L-R: Phil Miller, Pip Pyle, Richard Sinclair, Dave Stewart

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